In Indian theatre we are watching simultaneously two films. One is of an atrocious war imposed upon 45 million people of Ukraine, and the other is in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) of a people’s rebellion by 240 million people of the most populous state of India.

The Soviet Union was established in 1917 as a protest, rather rebellion, against Czarist hegemony and capitalist system. It is quite another thing that during its hundred years long journey the system devoured about 12 crore humans. Finally, this godless, unnatural and unrealistic system of governance broke down under its own weight in 1990s.

The present dictator Vladmir Putin, with a dream to restore the lost glory of the Soviet Empire has resorted to a war against the citizens of Ukraine. It has the potential of kindling the third world war. By now, at least it has badly disturbed the geo-political balance of the world. In addition, it has disturbed the economic prospects of an already trouble post-Covid 19 world. It has at least the potential of promoting a second cold war in the world.

The rebellion is unfolding in U.P. and its contours have become fully manifest at the time of the final phase of polling in Eastern U.P. The 24 crore people of U.P. have become thoroughly frustrated with the machinations, divisive policies, thoko raj of Yogi sarkar. Modi-Yogi “double engine government” in U.P. has completely failed because of its erroneous policies, misgovernance and utter failure in fulfilling the people’s prospects and basic requirements of life. Ever increasing inflation has broken the back of common man. Joblessness has destroyed crores of people. Lakhs of workless youth, with fresh groups coming out of colleges and schools every year are in a rebellious mood. Holy cows and holy bulls known as Aawara or Chutta Janwar are destroying the standing crops, and the life of farmers has become a virtual hell. No appointments have been made for government jobs, police, military and education sectors. Poverty is rampant and poor people are not able to make the two ends meet.

People are openly quashing the highhandedness of government and criticising the life destroying menace of Chutta Janwar.

The propaganda of Godi Media, lure of Ram Temple and use of Hindu-Muslim hate strategies have completely failed. By the time these lines go in print, the fate of U.P. would be finally decided and it is expected that the ruling dispensation would have been taught a lesson. This may endanger the BJP’s prospects in 2024 general elections. If they don’t mend their ways, they may end their days.

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