Abū Dhar Ghafari relates that he asked the Holy Messenger which of the acts was excellent and of the right standard. The Holy Messenger replied, “To believe in God and to exert in His path.” Abū Dhar again asked which kind of slaves it was better to free? The Holy Messenger said, “Those whose price is high and who are good in their master’s eyes.” Abū Dhar asked if he was unable to do that, and the Holy Messenger said, “Then help some worker or do the work of the man who himself is unable to do it properly.” Abū Dhar again asked if he was unable to do even that. The Holy Messenger said, “Do not give trouble to anyone and that will be an act of charity which will be rewarded.”

(Bukhari, Muslim)

God is the Creator, Master and Sustainer of man and everything else. It is man’s moral obligation to follow the Guidance sent down to earth in the form of the Qur’ān as well as the teachings of God’s Last Messenger, Muhammad ﷺ. Here, the Blessed Messenger teaches some of the excellent acts of charity.

Belief in God means to believe in Islam, His Messengers, His Books, Angels, and the Day of Judgement. Exerting in the path of Allah means to make tireless efforts to establish the Deen on earth. To help the needy at one’s best, to do the work of those who are unable to do it, and even not giving trouble to anyone are all virtuous deeds.

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