“When Moses reached the age of full youth and grew to maturity, We bestowed upon him wisdom and knowledge. Thus do We reward those who do good.”

(Al-Qur’ān – 28:14)

This ayah records how Allah blessed Moses with wisdom and knowledge when the latter had attained to his full mental and physical development. Different ages have been mentioned in the Israelite traditions: some say 18 years, others 20, and still others 40. According to New Testament, he was forty years old at the time (Acts 7:23). As for the Qur’ān, it does not mention any age. The purpose for this story is narrated here does not require the mention of any specific age. It is enough to know that the event took place at a time when Moses had reached full maturity.

Here Arabic words ukm and ‘ilm have been used. ukm means wisdom, understanding, the power of discernment and judgement. As for ‘ilm, it denotes both worldly and religious knowledge. Through his parents, Moses had come to have substantial information about the lives of his forefathers – Joseph, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham (peace be to them all). Also, thanks to his upbringing as a prince, he had acquired all the worldly knowledge then imparted in Egypt. It would be pertinent to point out that ukm and ‘ilm, in the present context, do not signify Prophethood. Moses was endowed with Prophethood several years later, as has been mentioned in the subsequent ayaat and also mentioned in Surah al-Shu‘arā (26:21).

Talmud says that Moses did many good things using his wisdom.

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