“And We had already forbidden the breasts of the nurses for the child. (So seeing, the girl) said: ‘Shall I direct you to the people of a household that will rear him with utter sincerity?’ Thus did we restore Moses to his mother that her eyes might be comforted and she might not grieve, and realise that the promise of Allah was true. But most men are unaware of this.”

(Al Qur’ān – 28:12-13)

One example of how miraculously Allah protected Moses is that the baby would not take milk from any nurse called by the Queen to suckle him. As soon as the baby’s sister found out that the baby was not suckling from anyone, and the Queen was in search of a nurse with whom the baby would feel at ease, she went straight to the palace and told them that she knew a nurse who would bring up the child with care and compassion.

Remember that in ancient times the nobles did not raise their children themselves but gave them over to nurses who would take them to their own homes and raise them. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was also raised by Ḥalīmah Sa‘dīyah outside the city.

The result of Allah’s wholesome scheme was that Moses did not become a Pharaonic prince in the true sense of the expression. Rather, he was brought up by his own parents, in his own house, among his own kith and kin. He, therefore, gained the consciousness of his own identity, family and lineage.

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