“Tell My servants [O Muhammad], to always say that which is best. Verily it is Satan who sows discord among men. Satan indeed is an open enemy to man. Your Lord knows you best, He will have mercy on you if He wills and chastise you if He wills. We have not charged you, [O Muhammad], to be an overseer over them.”

(Al-Qur’ān – 17:53-54)

Muslims should refrain from losing their temper. They should not resort to exaggerated statements. Even in the face of provocation from their opponents, Muslims should not utter even a word that is contrary to the truth; nor should they lose their temper at the vulgarities which are being flung at them by their opponents, nor should they be provoked to pay back their opponents in the latter’s own coins.

The Qur’ān tells believers that whenever they feel provoked with rage, they should immediately realise that such reactions are instigated by Satan, who is keen to hurt the cause of their faith. Satan will certainly try to prompt believers to give up all efforts of reform, and to become entangled in futile strife and wrangling. For it is Satan’s aim that all mankind remain perpetually enmeshed in such controversies.

Believers should also never go about bragging that they are going to enter Paradise, or name other persons or groups as the ones destined to enter Hell. For it is God alone Who has the authority to decide such matters. It is He alone Who fully knows about all human beings, about all things both apparent and hidden.

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