Israeli Warnings during Ramadan

As the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching, warnings are increasing in Israel about the threat of an escalation in and around the holy sites in Jerusalem, particularly in the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque. The leaders of the occupying country are in an unprecedented state of vigilance. Last year during Ramadan there was a violent confrontation in all the Palestinian territories.

This year is not the same as previous years when it comes to Al-Aqsa Mosque. During 2022, many Islamic and Jewish events and occasions will coincide with each other during which the extreme right usually storms the mosque. In fact, there is no indication that the (Israeli) occupation police intend to act differently this year. This indicates intentions of the Israeli extreme right for confrontation.

The occupation’s warning of a flareup in Ramadan is actually an indication in itself. It shows what the extreme right, which is now a major force in Israel now, is planning against Al Aqsa Mosque. The occupation government also knows very well how the people of Palestine would react to it. The warnings issued by the occupation forces are nothing more than an effort to attack in a way that there is no reaction to it. But the confrontations in Jerusalem for several months and the escalations during the last few weeks indicate that there is a possibility that we will face very tense days in Jerusalem. The month of Ramadan will only be a beginning.

[by Abdullah Maroof in TRT Arabi]

Egypt Needs New Politics

The Egyptians can survive austerity only if there is a political reorientation that the ship does not concern just one class. Instead, it is concerned about all equally.

The economic storms which Egypt is passing through may produce a new political reality. The social crises resulting from economic actions taken by the government to achieve a balance in the market may push the regime to bring changes to the internal politics and lead to opening of more windows and doors in the space.

The state apparatus, including the government, as well as the legislative, political and security institutions, will not be able to withstand the complex reality alone. The parties, such as civil society organisations, thinkers, intellectuals, and the media bear a double responsibility. This is because the general crisis, even if it has an economic or social dimension, ultimately needs broad and wise remedies which can absorb latent or potential anger in such an atmosphere.

Egypt is a big country which will not be able to bear new shocks. The state agencies have successfully dealt with many crises during the last decade and have established important rules for security, stability, and tranquillity. It has engineered a political map in a way which can contribute to reducing the level of internal challenges.

The formation of the political reality begins with activating the official structures, where there is an institutional structure which needs the government to blow the whistle so that its leaders can start playing their roles stipulated in the constitution.

[by Mohammad Abul Fadl in Al-Arab, London]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque

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