Abused Indian Culture and the West

Recently two major events of rape and supposed murder of a college student and a five-year old girl have shaken the nation’s collective conscience. People from all walks of life showed their anger in the streets. The Union Home Minister tried to calm down residents of Delhi and the members of the Parliament by saying, such incidents are taking place not only in Delhi but all over India. Sexual crimes have gone epidemic. From top brass of the nation to the bottom, all are affected. Why our traditional society has deteriorated to this level? Where to lay the fault?

BOSTON, BRAZIL AND ISLAM Irrational Rhetoric, Illegal Wars

During his talk sponsored by the New American Foundation in March 2008, author ParagKhanna addressed the rising challenges facing the US’s global hegemony. According to Khanna, China and the European Union are the new contenders with the battlefield being a global ‘geopolitical marketplace.’

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