Caravan for Peace and Justice, Tamil Nadu

The Caravan for Peace and Justice launched by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

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The Caravan for Peace and Justice launched by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind aims at creating awakening among the general masses about the need and significance of establishing peace and justice in the country. It also aimed at highlighting the gross injustice meted out to the Muslim community in the name of bomb blasts and the witch-hunt being carried out in the media. This fortnight event ensured confidence among the much aggrieved Muslim masses.



The caravan followed by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Tamil Nadu & Puducherry had the following task during the fortnight:

  1. To carry out a caravan for peace and justice throughout the state of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. To reach out to the masses with the message of Peace and Justice throughout the nook and corner of the State.
  2. To establish rapport with the cross section of the media, officials of the police & the bureaucracy.
  3. To build close contacts with the Peace activists, social activists, religious heads, Hindu Heads of mutts, temples and Christian Missionaries.



  1. A fully air-conditioned 14-seat van decorated with the message of Peace and Justice on all sides. It crisscrossed the State spreading the message of Peace and Justice everywhere.
  2. One lakh ten thousand folders disseminating the message of Peace and Justice.
  3. Three hundred copies of Press Statement in Tamil exhorting powerfully the message of Peace and Justice.
  4. One hundred placards made up of solid iron material depicting the soothing message of Peace and Justice.
  5. Fifty flags embedded with the message of Peace and Justice.
  6. Lots and lots of locally prepared handbills and printouts and colourful posters.



The caravan for peace and justice started its odyssey in Kanniyakumari on Nov. 9 and reached Chennai on Nov. 22 after visiting Nagerkoil, Thirunelveli, Kadaiyanallur, Virudhunagar, Madurai, Tanjore, Kumbakonam, Trichirapalli, Karur, Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Kaveripattinam, Tirupattur, Vaniyambadi, Ambur, Vellore, Porur and scores of other places. It visited Puducherry on Nov. 23.



Alhumdulillah! The response was overwhelming and exhilarating. Men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims, officials and laymen, politicians and housewives, Dalits and Brahmins, young and old, students and professors – each and every segment of the society whole-heartedly and warmly embraced the message of the caravan for peace and justice.

It was evident at the sea shores of Kanniyakumari, a place at which the mighty waves of Indian Ocean, Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal converge, which is known as the southern most tip of the country i.e. Kumari Munai where the caravan started its odyssey with the noblest mission of spreading message of Peace and Justice.

It was visible at the heart of the State, Karur where hundreds of brethren from other communities outnumbered the Muslims in receiving the caravan.

It was there at the entrance of the capital of the State, Chennai when vast multitudes of men and women, Jamaat members and workers, purdah-clad ladies with tiny tots assembled at Porur. It was raining, raining and raining. But the incessant rain didn’t dampen them and they – fully drenched in rain – raised slogans demanding peace and justice. It was heartening, heartrending and mellowing to watch the lovers of peace and justice garland the delegates of the caravan one after another.

And above all it was evident in Dharmapuri, when a poor farmer, who had come to the town for some other purpose, after listening to the speeches, silently approached the organisers and handed over a token amount of Rs 10 as his contribution towards establishing peace and justice in this country.

And the point to be noted is that except Chennai, Jamaat is very weak in all the other three places. We do not have circles in Kanniyakumari and Porur. The circles in Karur and Dharmapuri are at their nascent stage. In spite of that the response to our call for peace and justice was overwhelming. Alhumdulillah!



The most memorable spectacle of the whole odyssey of the caravan is the reception accorded to it in front of the historic Victoria Memorial near Chennai Central Railway Station. It could be said as the climax of the whole journey. Mr. A. Shabbeer Ahmed, State President JIH held high a dove and let it fly over the sky as a gesture of promoting Peace and Justice in the State amidst the thundering applause of the multitudes of people assembled at the historic occasion. Mr. S.N. Sikkander, the convenor of the caravan and State Secretary JIH gave a memorable speech.

“The nation is proud that its tricolour flag is flying high over the moon. But, what is the use of Chandrayan if our society is divided and fragmented? These divisions and collisions always bring disrepute to the country. This was evident when our PM was confronted with a heartrending question from the French Prez Nicholas Sarkozy: ‘Why are the Christians being massacred in India?’ Our Sardarji was compelled to mumble: ‘I am ashamed of it!’ So, let us be united,” he exhorted.



At national level the PM and Congress supremo have started singing different tunes. While the Congress supremo has stressed that religion should not be mixed with terrorism, the PM has advised his police force to regain the faith of the people.

Jokes apart, the real impact of the campaign is the awareness it has created among the masses about the delicate issue of peace and justice. This surge among the masses towards the noble cause was evident everywhere.

It was there in Krishnagiri, where the Holy Fathers and Nuns welcomed the caravan in their church. They garlanded each and every delegate with garlands made up of Jasmine and rose petals. They spoke about the need to work together for communal harmony.

It was evident in Vellore when the administrators of the Sri Sri Jalagandeswarar Temple situated in the historic fort of Vellore gave warm reception to the delegates of the Caravan in the 140-year old historic Shanmuga Adigal Sabai Temple.

It was there to see when the DSP of Dharmapuri district, Mr. Murugesan after hearing the speeches of the delegates of the caravan in Kaveripattinam, a sleepy town at the banks of Ponnaiyaru river asked the organisers to conduct such meetings more and more.

Above all the touching, heartening words were uttered by Mr. Jagan, the videographer who covered the caravan meetings for five consecutive days. When asked about his impressions, the young lad said unabashedly, “Nanum ungalodu vandhu vidugirane, Sir!” (I want to join with you people, Sir!)