No doubt, the majority of Hindus in India is good. But unfortunately their numbers are decreasing fast. The credit for this goes to the fascist forces and affiliated organisations and their increasing influence. The saner sections and broadminded Hindus are fighting tooth and nail to arrest this trend. Now some of them are losing hope that they can stem the tide. If they fail, India will fail and it would be an open invitation to disintegration of this great country of 140 crore citizens, who account for about one-sixth of humanity.

Predicting disintegration of a country is no less than a sin for me. It is very painful. But history has seen several such incidents even in the recent times. Take the case of USSR with a population of 25 crore. In 1990s it unburdened itself with 11 or 12 states and its population decreased to 15 crore. We can learn from the example of disintegration of Yugoslavia also. The hidden signs of disintegration can be seen even now. Four South Indian Dravidian States are dissatisfied with the federal structure and their minuscule share in the affairs of the country. North Eastern States also are politically in the danger zone. Punjab, if not mollified, would also pose a danger to the unity of the country. About J&K less said the better. Its already alienated people are suffering under the dictatorial attitude of the Union Government which is suppressing them with an iron fist. They don’t dare to speak but sullenly speak in hushed tones that they are an occupied territory which has been suppressed undemocratically with serious loss of their basic human rights.

It is severely unfortunate that a large state of our country is being controlled by a monk like person who before capturing power had openly stated that “if one woman is taken, we will take ten women and if one person is killed, we will not approach administration as it is futile, but we will make ten people to die.” His statement can be seen even today on YouTube. The same person was sitting silently and perhaps enjoying when a fellow speaker was boasting that “they would be de-franchised under our rule and even their dead women would be dragged from graves and raped.” These speeches gave courage to one fake sadhu in Sitapur. In the presence of police before a mosque he publicly threatened that women and girls of a particular community would be raped. Shall we not expect strongest legal action against this desperado. If the Chief Minister does not want to take action, is it not the responsibility of our Prime Minister?

Think not that the world is blind to these dangerous trends in India. Muslims are marginalised, demonised and brutalised. Learn lessons from the US Report on Religious Freedom in India. Please remember that when two BJP spokespersons crossed the redline and attacked the honour of the most respected Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the storm was let loosed and at least 22 out of 57 Muslim countries condemned the denigration of the Holy Prophet. It was a very sensitive issue which traumatised the 200 crore Muslims of the world.

India is being watched. It would remain under watch. It is in our own interest that we suppress all communal elements and do not allow anything which may endanger the unity and integrity of the nation.

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