In India polarisation based on fascist tendencies is gaining strength and conscientious citizens are trying to stem the rot. The anti-Muslim riots of North East Delhi in February 2020 had warned the country that irresponsible politicians can go to any length to harm communal amity and peace. Justice Madan B. Lokur, former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, along with several honourable retired judges and prominent bureaucrats, under Constitutional Conduct Group (CCG) had formed an enquiry committee in 2020. The Committee has released its investigative report on October 7.

The eye-opening report blames Delhi Police, Delhi Government, Ministry of Home Affairs and media for the shameful riots. It gives details how irresponsible politicians with an eye on electoral gains had poisoned the minds and communalised the atmosphere. The report brings out how the Delhi Government and the Ministry of Home Affairs were looking the other way when Delhi was burning. It provides details of how the police was biased and acted in a partisan manner. It also flags how the victims have been left in lurch and not fairly compensated for their huge losses of life and property. Immediately after the infamous riots, Delhi Minorities Commission under the able guidance of its Chairman Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, assisted by a battery of prominent advocates, had published a comprehensive report. But the police did not cooperate with the Minority Commission.

The C.C.G. report brings out how the police was biased against the Muslim minority and how prejudiced it was against the victims. The report also details how the victims were being further victimised by the police with false cases and misuse of draconian UAPA. It should be noted with concern that if corrective steps are not taken and justice is not done, that day is not far away when UNO will take up the case. It will cause irresponsible loss to India’s reputation in the world forums. A few days back the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Minority Rights, ‎Fernand de Varennes commented on “the magnitude and gravity of violations of the minority rights in India” and said that “there was a pattern of stigmatisation”. He also suggested that an international investigative mechanism may be necessary for monitoring Indian situations.

The government should introduce permanent measures to save India from this shameful ignominy. Set the things right, rein in the communal elements, ban the hate speech and throw the hatemongers behind bars. Lastly pursue the cases fairly and give exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of crimes against innocent citizens.

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