Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has said that your best rulers are those who love you, and you love them. And your worst rulers are those who hate you, and you hate them. Ours is the age of democracy in which it is claimed that the people are the real rulers. Remember the famous saying, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” But it is only partly true. In the ancient times and even 100 years back, kings, sultans and rajas were holding the levers of power and ruling with an iron hand. They were the lawmakers and a law to themselves. Even in our times most of the countries are devoid of real democracy. In most of the countries, dictators are ruling. Even in democratic countries like India politics is: if not a dirty pond, at least it is a dirty game.

People are lured by tall talks, claims and promises. We have seen that in the present decade all sorts are promises were made. But they were only empty promises and there was no sincerity behind them. They were never meant to be fulfilled. There was a promise of providing two crore jobs annually but we are suffering with the worst unemployment crisis in our history. Inflation has broken the back of the common people. According to NCRB, in 2021 about 1,64,033 Indians committed suicide. Out of this 25% were daily wage earners. In spite of better and high tax collection, the government says that it is not in a position to give jobs or create jobs in private sector.

Where has the wealth of the nation gone? It is getting concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. That is why we have the dubious distinction of having the third richest person of the world among us. Common people are getting greatly disappointed and frustrated. Gaudy functions and fiery speeches cannot solve our problems. In the Hunger Index, India has fallen to 107th position among the 117 nations. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are better than us in this respect.

Our human rights record, justice delivery system, and treatment of minority is also being questioned all over the world. Burying the head in the sand like an ostrich or indulging in self-praise will not solve the complicated problems.

The ruling dispensation must stop forthwith the game of Opposition-free India and think in the interest of the country and end the one-point programme of sticking to power by hook and by crook. BJP rulers plan to rule for forty to fifty years. It may happen but India would become the most unfortunate country and we Indians may become the most unfortunate people.

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