Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed eight years of his rule. There is euphoria in the ranks of BJP and allied organisations. Speaking on the eve of this in a meeting, Mr. Modi said that during this period of eight years he has not done, nor allowed to happen anything which was wrong and caused any citizen to lower his head in shame. He added that during these years they have done only what is good for the poor and in favour of their welfare.

P.M. Modi started his tenor with a lot of promises. Most of his promises remain unfulfilled. You feel that during the previous decade of Manmohan Singh rule every citizen’s income increased significantly. On the contrary, there is depletion in the income of all citizens, except that of the highly placed about one per cent high income group. One example is of close friend of Modi, the capitalist Adani. He has become the fifth or sixth richest man of the world. Farmers were promised that their income would be doubled. On the contrary, they are facing crisis after crisis. They had to face the worst time during their year long agitation against the three infamous farm laws. They have learnt the bitterest lesson of history.

Mr. Modi’s rule was the worst period of broken promises, false propaganda and worst ever communal polarisation.

In the field of foreign policy our relations with our closest neighbour Pakistan are worst ever. Bangladesh was created by India to back the back of our neighbour. But due to our short-sighted policy and false propaganda that Bangla citizens are infiltrating in India, this country has also turned against us. China is at daggers drawn with us. Our balance of payment with it is in a precarious state. In the economic field its per capita income is five times that of our country. Because of our weak economy, we cannot match its military spending.

Economists have calculated that during each day of Modi’s rule Rs. 170 crore was lost in bank scams, 370 crore was written off for non-performing assets (NPAs) and the government’s borrowings increased by Rs. 4,000 crore daily. Mr. Modi had promised, “I swear by the holy soil (of India) that I will not allow the selling of (assets of) the country. But the precious assets developed in seven decades are continuously being sold and auctioned every day. People are sarcastically blaming that now there are two big sellers and two buyers in India and the whole country is for sale.

There is no hope of becoming Vishwa Guru or five trillion economy. Our ranking is steadily falling in all indices of Human Development. Where are the 100 smart cities? And where is the first bullet train?

Yes, India is building a Ram Temple at the debris of the Babri Masjid with Hindu fanaticism at its height. People are becoming religious fanatics, with poison in their thoughts and religious hatred in their minds. Economic disaster, hunger, suspicion among communities, violence, disrespect to rule of law, frustration and hopelessness are the fruits of the visionless propaganda based on eight years rule. People are suffering. Will the Modi government coolly analyse the deteriorating situation and stop thumping of 56 inches chest and take corrective steps?

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