Are Russia, China Any Better?

Is there good colonialism and bad colonialism? Do not all the great powers historically operate with the mentality of monsters which use their surplus power to subdue, exploit, and even prey on other animals?

We ask this question to the nationalists, the leftists, and the Arab resistance organisations and opposition groups, which, because they hate the Western colonialists, have been beating drums and honking on the ascendance of Chinese and Russian colonialists. It is as if Allah had sent them specifically to support the oppressed Arabs and liberate them from the grip of the Americans and the Europeans. There is a group of Arabs who have been cheering the rise of China and Russia and their confrontation with Western influence in the world as if Vladimir Putin was born in the southern suburbs of Beirut or that the Chinese president was born in the Gaza Strip.

We can never deny the fact that the American cowboy supports the Israeli occupation. The Arabs who were harmed by the Americans have the right to hate America and the West. But who told you that the Chinese and the Russians would be better than the Western? The colonists are not charity organisations which built huge military and economic power to gift it to the poor and needy in the world. Didn’t they build themselves to devour others, exploit them, control them, and sometimes exterminate them? This is how history has always taught us.

[by Faisal Alkasim in Al Quds Al Arabi]

Palestinian Resistance is Unique

Israel considers resistance the main obstacle to the success and completion of the Zionist project. Therefore, it wants to destroy and demonise it. It cannot recognise it, unlike other colonial powers. The reason is that Zionism is a contradiction of Palestine. The Palestinian people are continuing their resistance and Israel is firm to destroy it. The resistance gets legitimacy in usurpation and devotion. Therefore, it is not possible for Israel and the resistance to converge on a settlement. Israel is asserting to push the Palestinian authority to coordinate with it against the resistance, unlike what happened in other cases.

Palestine is a unique case which cannot be compared with any other case. The Afghan resistance negotiated with Washington for evacuation, and the Vietnamese resistance negotiated with Washington to escape the Vietnamese quagmire, just as the Algerian National Liberation Authority negotiated with France for evacuation from Algeria.

If the national liberation movements are recognised by international law as international legal entity, the Palestinian resistance is the first to be recognised globally. This is because it is challenging the Zionist usurpation and devouring of entire Palestine. However, foreign countries are reluctant to recognise this resistance. Therefore, the revival of the Palestine Liberation Organisation is important as a comprehensive framework for all political and military factions. The results of the 2006 elections and the Sword of Jerusalem campaign in May 2021 showed the unity and pride of the Palestinians of resistance.

[by Abdullah Al’ashal in Rai Alyoum]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque

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