Russia-Ukraine War

Don’t Drag Turkey in Conflict

This war is not a Ukrainian war, but a Black Sea war. After years of struggle in the south, Turkey will now deal with a new threat in the north. This is an instability caused by the Russian Western war.

The United States and Britain are swiftly trying to drag Turkey into this war. This is seen in the political language used by Ukraine. If the west fails in bringing Eastern Europe, the Baltic states and Russia to their knees, it will try to use Turkey as a second trump card. Now, they are working to ignite the Turkish-Russian war across the Black Sea.

But a Turkish-Russian war should never be allowed. To defend Europe, Turkey should not fall into the situation of countries like Ukraine and Poland. It should not fall into this category, because Turkey is not the west’s hired hitman.

Turkey can work with the Western alliance, but it takes its positions according to its own weight. No matter what happens, there should be no war between Turkey and Russia. Turkey should not be a front country for the United States and Britain.

Let Europe defend itself and let it lead from the front. The era of prosperity has ended by igniting fire in other nations. Our nation must not pay the price for defending Europe.

Even if Turkey is a NATO country, it knows that it is a future threat to the west. We now know that the west sees Turkey as a threat, even though it is currently an ally.

[by Ebrahim Karagol in Arabic Post]

Implications on Middle East

Many Middle Eastern countries are trying to balance their relations with the United States and Russia. Many of them are stuck in the middle as the conflict in Ukraine unfolds.

The Russian attack on Ukraine will affect the future of many vital sectors of the economies of these countries, from oil and gas to agricultural imports and tourism. We may also see additional consequences which will inevitably lead to increased instability in the region and elsewhere. The concern is that Washington has reduced its focus on the Middle East. The US response to the crisis in Ukraine may shape perceptions about US intentions in the region in future, particularly about Arab countries.

The Ukrainian crisis has reaffirmed what is considered the curse of geography in which the Middle East has always lived. Neither can it take care of its own affairs, nor can the developed world give up the resources of this east which is full of conflicts and civil wars. This is even if we ignore deliberately or unintentionally terrorism, proliferation of nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction. There are lots of other issues in the region. Even some of them will require a long time to solve. If you add the Ukraine crisis into them what will happen to this east, which is thousands of miles away from the conflict zone.

[by Maria Malouf in Sky News Arabia]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque

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