Palestine in 2023

Readying for Israel’s unprecedented terror

The speech of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, during the vote of confidence for his new government on December 29, 2022, must be taken seriously, not only by the Palestinians, but by all Arab countries and the world. In his speech he declared that entire Palestine belongs to the Zionist state, and that the top priority of his government is the expansion of settlements, and that there is no longer any room for negotiations or any solution, and that peace treaties with Arab governments mean nothing but the imposition of Israel’s conditions.

As happens after every important development, such as the Palestinian vigils and the escalation of the resistance, and now after what we saw as the Arab people’s rejection of normalisation during the Qatar’s World Cup, we may witness an influx of US, European and even some Arab funds, establishing youth or women’s projects exploiting their unemployment and poverty in the Arab world, to prevent these spirits from turning into an effective mass action against normalisation. For this, they may use repressive regimes and criminalise any political movement. But it does not mean that they will be successful. What the American administration and the Zionist government do not understand, and will not understand, is that the upcoming Zionist era of terror will be the greatest instigator of the Arab streets against Israel. This will be much of what was seen in the Qatar’s World Cup was a reaction to Zionist crimes and normalisation agreements.

[by Lamees Andouni in Al-Araby Al-Jadeed]

The year 2022 was the bloodiest and most violent for Palestine. There were many violations of the rights of the Palestinian people, including the rights of the child, with the martyrdom of a large number of children such as four years old Jamil Najm, five years old Alaa Abdullah Qaddum from Gaza, seven years old Rayyan Yasser Salman, and 12 years old Mahmoud Samoudi from the West Bank. The women were also subjected to these violations, the most prominent of which was the martyrdom of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

The number of martyrs, injured, and detainees in Palestine increased during the year 2022. It was a significant increase since 2005, as the number of martyrs reached 230. There were 9,335 injured, 6,500 arrested, and 833 Palestinian buildings were demolished by the occupation (Israel) in the West Bank, including areas in East Jerusalem. There were also 13,130 olive trees damaged or cut down. Israel approved 116 settlement plans till October 2022.

The United Nations, other international organisations and human rights institutions must move to take a decision to reduce these abuses of the occupation in Palestine. They are violating the rights guaranteed by the international covenants in regards with women and children in times of peace and armed conflicts. These violations are punishable under international law.

There is a need to open a prompt and impartial criminal investigation. The Israeli occupation forces should be punished for the crimes it has committed against the Palestinian people, because impunity leads to the continuation of crimes and more violence.

[by Mahmoud Khidr in Arabic Post]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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