Turkish-Syrian entente?

When the Turkish Foreign Minister called for reconciliation or agreement between the opposition and the Syrian regime, the Syrian opposition’s concern spiralled in the northern Syrian regions which are outside the control of the Syrian government. Demonstrations against it took place in many Syrian cities where about five million people live and wait for a solution which fulfils their demands.

The Kurds in general do not think of secession from Syria, however they demand a local administration as well as cultural and social rights which are recognised by the Syrian opposition. A group of Kurds have stronger affiliation with the PKK than any other group. The SDF which controls the most of Syria’s wealth is in the northeast, and over a third of Syrian area. Damascus will not accept concessions to it. From Turkey’s point of view, the possible cooperation seems to be by neutralising the official Syrian position or participating in repelling the common threat. Turkey has announced that its goals are its national security and there is no possibility of a military confrontation with Syria.  Overthrowing the Syrian regime is not the objective of Turkey.

But my opinion is that the current statements from the Turkish side suggest that it is trying to go ahead with a possible military intervention. This comes under the framework of its tactics and not strategy. The conditions set by the Turks will not be acceptable to the Damascus government and Turkey will not be able to abandon its own conditions.

[Riad Nasan Agha in Al-Ittihad, UAE]

Punish Israel

Lower-grade terrorists attacked the Palestinians again without any justification, or a definite reason. These terrorists when coming to Palestine on board ships in the thirties raised banners which read “We have nowhere to go, have mercy on us”.

I said “terrorists”. Because Israel, which at present represents the dumbest, most despicable, and most fascist ideology in the world, operates as a criminal network and as a killing machine, carelessly and without distinguishing between a child, a woman and an elderly.

This is a group of looters, murderers, rapists and thieves which commit cold blood genocide against a people under the nose of the world which we call “civilized”. This group of irrational people would make a person’s life a living hell if they uttered a word about their genocide. They acted with an agenda of real genocide in 2022.

Let’s go back to the beginning. In my opinion, the primary duty is to put an end to this terrorist network and to destroy it, and this is not the duty of Muslims only, but also of all non-Jews in the whole world.

If you forgive Zionism today, it will kill you tomorrow. If you forgive it today, it will kill you tomorrow.

Our generation, or the generation after us, must succeed in eradicating Zionism from the world. When that blessed day comes, these Zionists will immediately begin to claim that they are the most oppressed people in the world.

[by Ismail Kılıçarslan in Yeni Safak]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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