Israel is Calling You, Mr Zelensky

I do not want to disturb you while you are fighting the battle to defend your homeland. But I am feeling compelled to ask you: Are you going to Israel? But Israeli sources are talking about efforts or plans to bring about 180,000 Ukrainian Jews to Israel. Five thousand of them have already reached there, according to what they call as the “Law of Return”, which is designed to root out Jews from their original places and from the peoples to which they belong, to join the Hebrew state. Since you belong to the Jewish religion, it is your duty, according to their view, to join that country. As you can see, the subject is confusing. You have already refused to leave your country in the first week of the war demonstrating respectable courage. That country had previously refused to accept Ukrainian refugees, in the initial weeks of the war on your country. It had asked for financial guarantees from the homeless people who only have their clothes. In the same time, the Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, asked you to surrender “with honour.” Tel Aviv wants for the Jewish Ukrainians, and you are one of them, a homeland other than their own Ukraine. What do you say about exploiting the war to serve the ideological goals of the Zionist movement which clashes in its nature with the right of the Arabs of the Holy Land on their historical homeland?

[by Mahmoud Al-Rimawy in Al-Araby Al-Jadeed]

Saudi Arabia Now Ready With Its Cards

Saudi Arabia is returning to the ground with all its weight. The regional and international powers are certain that there are no solutions in the Middle East without Saudi Arabia. Till recently, it had withdrawn itself from the ground to focus on its internal affairs and other priorities. It also focussed on the national security issues and dealt with the situation in Egypt in the year 2011, as well as with the war in Yemen and their implications on Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

All these years, Saudi Arabia worked to consolidate its position at home front first, then in Egypt and Bahrain, and eventually in Yemen. Currently, Saudi Arabia is returning to its broad vistas in various countries from Pakistan to Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.

There is no need to talk about Saudi Arabia’s strategy and its tenets in the global oil market and its impacts. This is something which the United States realised before others could do, particularly after Washington’s failure in finding options in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war. This need and necessity prompted Washington for a rearrangement of relations with Saudi Arabia. ‎

Saudi Arabia holds many cards which it can use to re-enhance its presence on the global and regional arena. It will use them, without any help, not only to limit Iranian influence but to confront it. These cards will also be able to impose the country’s presence and influence everywhere.

[by Mounir Al-Rabih in Syria TV]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque

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