Revive PLO First

After years of kidnapping and enforced disappearance, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas listed Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and all its departments, institutions and affiliated organisations as “departments of the State of Palestine”.

It must be noted that the State of Palestine to which the PLO was attached is practically on the ground, and does not exist. It is isolated, besieged and exists in dismembered cantons. But the PLO is still internationally recognised as the representative of the Palestinian people.

Restoration of the PLO is required now, not tomorrow. In this context, it must be recalled that there was a drive launched a year ago under the slogan “The National Campaign to Rebuild the PLO”. That campaign sensed the threat early and called on the Palestinian forces and elites to join hands and come together to restore their hijacked organisation. Also, there was a call to draw a roadmap to study alternatives in case those who have hijacked it continue to be deaf. I think the present moment is the moment of truth. There is no room for complacency in it. The key question must be answered: Is it possible to revive the PLO? If not, it is important to think about alternatives.

Finally, an appeal also for the Fatah Movement and its elites because it is also hijacked. We want to bring it back as well. In Arabic, Fatah is abbreviation of “The Palestinian National Liberation Movement”. It is not sane to think that the PLO is abolished.

[by Mohammad Amin in Al Araby Al Jadeed]

Turkey’s Role in Russia Ukraine Crisis

Turkey’s stand in Syria and Libya is against Moscow’s policies. It also openly opposed Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. But this did not prevent Turkey from being the only NATO member country which has extensive relations with Ukraine and Russia at the same time.

Now, Ankara is in a complicated situation. One the one hand, Turkey’s first nuclear programme is based on Russian assistance. Turkey also wants to be a platform for exporting gas to Europe, depending on Russian gas. It also needs Russian tourists. On the other hand, it has interests with Ukraine as well, which is an important market for its defence industry. After the US ban on military sales to Turkey, Ankara has found an alternative market in Ukraine. Turkey and Ukraine need each other. They have a major common interest in Crimea, where the Turkic-speaking minority of Crimean Tatars reside. Ukraine is also important for balancing the relationship with Russia in the Black Sea. Turkey sold its drones to Ukraine in show of its solidarity and support, and not just as a commercial deal. During war, if Ankara stops supplying it with drones, this will be a betrayal of Kiev and a threat to the growing partnership between them. Putin will also not accept Kiev’s use of a Turkish weapon to target Russian soldiers.

Ankara does not want to choose between Moscow and Kiev. President Erdogan is good at creating balances. (ENDS)

[by Basel Haj Jasem in Arab Center – ACRPS]

Compiled and Translated by Faizul Haque

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