Football Fixes What Arab Politics Spoiled

Football stands out as one of the games which is most exciting for patriotic and nationalist emotions.

If we notice the Arab fans, we would find that the majority of them encouraged solely Arab teams, regardless of political differences between the regimes. There is no doubt that the joy of the Arabs from the ocean to the Gulf was overwhelming by all measures when the Saudi team defeated the famous Argentina team led by Messi. The occasion turned into an extraordinary event of Arab nationalism. There was no Arab left but he shouted loudly encouraging the courageous players of the Saudi national team.

It is nice to see this great Arab solidarity in its finest manifestations at the World Cup in the State of Qatar. This is what we hope to see in politics.

Moments after winning, I wrote that Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina is more important than all the Arab summits and conferences of the Arab League throughout modern history.

In the past also, we remember how we, the Arabs, lived on our nerves as we applauded warmly for the great Algerian team which made us feel proud in more than one tournament. We wished it was present among us in Qatar. 

It is very pleasant to see this great Arab solidarity in its finest manifestations at the World Cup in the State of Qatar. We hope to see this spirit in the politics of regimes.

[by Faisal Al-Kasim in Al-Quds Al-Arabi]

Arab Summits and Saudi Diplomacy

Saudi Arabia invited thirty leaders of the Arab world to meet the Chinese president (in Riyadh). Before that, it had invited a number of Arab countries when the American president (Donald Trump) visited them. This is one of the most important messages which Saudi Arabia gives regarding its position, and its global role. This is its new diplomacy through which it stimulates Arab cooperation in a different way.

The arrangement which Saudi Arabia makes and the coordination with the leaders of the Arab countries which precedes the visits of important presidents is not limited to the protocols related to the reception, farewell and accommodation arrangements. Instead, they are related to the communications, agreements and the nature of alliances and the messages which are sought to be delivered to the visitors that ‘the region, area, or the group of states which you are dealing with have common security and economic concerns even if they have differences.’

Saudi Arabia is now trying to change the strategic concept by focusing on common interests as a title for future relations and more. It is bypassing the hurdles as much as possible, and helping the Arab countries to get rid of the obstacles which prevent them from Arab-Arab cooperation.

Getting closer to China and dealing objectively with all the poles will not only be done by Saudis, but also by all the Arabs. This is because interests are the priority. It is the new Saudi diplomacy.

[by Sawsan Al-Shaer in Asharq Al-Awsat]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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