Countdown Begins for Arab Summit 2022

It is expected that the Arab summit will be held in Algeria on November 1 and 2. Last Arab summit was held in the Tunisian capital in March 2019. The upcoming summit is said to be a summit for Arab reunification, uniting the Arab political discourse, and confronting the problems faced by the countries of the Arab world. These problems are certainly difficult. This summit will be a platform for action to begin eradication of these complications and finding their solutions.

This is what is being said in the media, as well as by the officials of Algeria, which will host the Arab Summit.

The 1967 Khartoum Summit has set the discourse for the Arab peoples, Israel, and the entire world. Except this, no other summit could contribute to the solutions of the problems of the Arab world, not even at the minor level. Instead, some of these summits caused an increase in the tension.

Most Arab regimes for their survival rely on external support, whether regional or international. They suppress the mouths of the people and rob them of their freedom of opinion and speech, not to mention their voices which are raised to form a government which represents them in letter and spirit.

The official system in the Arab world is not capable of solving the problems of the Arabs! How can any such regime effectively contribute to eradication and solution of problems, when it has not been able to build a healthy relationship with its own people?

[by Muzhir Jabr Al-Saedi in Al-Quds Al-Arabi]

Here is the house of the Arabs. The concerns are one. The destinies are shared. The timing calls for a scrutiny of the facts, frankness about the reality, and an assessment of the Arab position according to the surrounding circumstances.

The plots after a year of the so-called “Arab Spring” are not the same plots which preceded them. The charts are no longer stable, their dictionary has become different, their vocabulary is looking for preserving Arab national security, national existence, facing common challenges, and protecting a future to achieve its goals.

The meeting of Arab foreign ministers last Tuesday was held at the right time. I watched the participation from various Arab capitals. I also imagined the threats and challenges faced by the Arab world. The situation is difficult.

Between the meeting of the Arab foreign ministers and the upcoming summit in Algeria, we have to write a new will, characterised by strength, unity and Arab cohesion, to unify and converge visions about the threats and challenges which haunt the region. This is required to preserve the national spirit, stabilise the pillars of capitals which have been smashed by conspiracies, and prevent external interference in the internal affairs of our Arab countries.

There is the need to have our national, water and food security. The terrorist organisations are trying to regain their strength and spread again, against the backdrop of the tremors which are taking place in some Arab capitals. They should also be dealt with firmly.

[by Gamal Al-Kishki in Al-Bayan, UAE]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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