Gulf-China Bonhomie and US

Recent visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Saudi Arabia, his summit with the King and Crown Prince, the China-Arab summit and signing of agreements with billions of dollars clearly reflected a broader rapprochement between the longstanding US allies and Beijing. This Chinese expansion in the depth of the Middle East has frightened the US. This is particularly at a time when President Joe Biden’s administration is preoccupied with the Russian war on Ukraine.

This has happened particularly at a time when US officials confirm that they wanted to make the Middle East less of a priority, while focusing Washington’s diplomatic and military capabilities over Asia and Europe.

The Chinese president held three summits in Saudi Arabia, in which about 30 leaders of the Middle East participated. A strategic partnership agreement between Beijing and Riyadh and with other Arab countries was also signed. It is a message that China’s influence in the region is expanding rapidly at a time when US officials say they want to focus their resources and diplomatic and military capabilities towards Asia and Europe.

These transformations may deprive America of being the only pole in the framework of international relations. China has remarkably accelerated its move towards the world particularly the Middle East and the Arab Gulf. It is as if China is drawing a new world order with soft and non-rough tools to become a player which has its weight in all economic, military and technological levels.

[by Maria Maloof in Sky News Arabia]

Türkiye’s Diplomacy of Peace

Türkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his speech in the opening ceremony of the TRT World Forum 2022, painted a picture of the world in which Türkiye aspires to be more objective, peaceful and balanced in its various political, economic, social and security issues. The matter is not only about rhetorical words or theoretical ideas which are far from reality. Instead, it is a process which is applicable and can be successful according to the explicit, clear and tangible examples set by President Erdogan, in addition to other speakers and participants in the conference.

With regard to successful politics, and the solid foundations on which it is based, it also prepares Türkiye’s soft power which serves diplomacy of peace.

It must be emphasised that Türkiye’s diplomacy of peace is not a theoretical option. It is certainly not just a slogan, despite its importance. It is rather a model which has proven itself on the ground. It is basically applicable in different parts of the world. It was required in the past and still needed in the contemporary world. It is vital to prevent polarisation, cold war, and the spread of militarisation. It is useful to make the world truly more balanced, peaceful and just.  Because it is actually better than the five permanent members of the Security Council, as President Erdogan always says. He repeated this in his speech after the idea broke the psychological barrier and became more acceptable and common in the world as well.

[by Majid Azzam in TRT Arabi]

Compiled and translated by Faizul Haque

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