By Sikandar Azam

God is the Creator of the universe. He has made each and every particle of the universe subservient to man. The earth, a small part of the universe, is closely connected with the heavenly bodies which help create and sustain life on it. And mountains and rivers are also interrelated with this creation and sustenance of life. The Qur’ān (13:3) presents a scenic picture of how God has made all this available for us: “It is He Who has spread out the earth and has placed in it firm mountains and has caused the rivers to flow.”

The subservience of the earth with mountains standing on its back and rivers flowing thereunder, and all these conspiring with the sun and the air, helps the divine creation decorate the earth as well as provide man with whatever he needs to live. To appreciate this fact let us reflect on the water, food grains, fruits, flowers, herbs, fishes, mines, pearls and metals that we get from the earth.

The more we reflect thereon the more we would come to realise that all these things have not been created by different gods nor are being governed by gods with independent powers. If it had been so, there could not have been so much harmony, accord and unity of purpose among them. Nor could the relationships between the various objects of the universe which function in harmonious fusion have continued for such a long time. This reflection proves that it is One Omnipotent and All-Wise God Who has made it possible for the harmonious system of the universe to work without any discord or conflict between these particles of the universe.

Then the Qur’ān presents another aspect of divine creation. It says that God has created “two sexes of every type of fruit”.  Scientific research has only recently fathomed that plants carry the male and female organs within the same flower or the same stem.

Then the Qur’ān speaks of yet another secret of the universe: “and caused the night to cover the day”. When there is production of food grains, vegetables, fruit and flowers, etc. the producers must have to take a rest, so the night covers the day. We are too familiar with the routine arrival of the night after the departure of the day, and the break of dawn when the night begins to move away, to realise that it is one of the bounties that God has blessed us with.

When we think thus on the functioning of the various objects of the universe, we will feel that all  these things bear witness to the boundless power of its Creator. And, it would be to our dismay to doubt that such All-Powerful Creator is incapable of raising man to life after death.

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