By M S Khan

The entire universe is the masterpiece creation of God. But in this divine creation, the human being is distinguished in the sense that he is a universe in his own self. The three colours of this human universe are unique from and imposing over the colours of the entire universe. These three colours actually emerge from the three unique qualities of the human being, which the universe is entirely devoid of. These characteristics of human existence give him the ability to thrive in this vast universe. Gradual discovery of the laws operating in the universe engages him in the activities of conquering the universe. But, in relation to human experience, the universe appears to be limitless. In the same way, in relation to the human intellect, the secrets of the universe are also unending. As much as these secrets are discovered, the signs of the Lord of the universe will be revealed to the human mind. Since the human intelligence also has a limitation despite the ability to know a lot, the human being is in need of guidance by the Omniscient, the Omnipresent God, Who is all aware of the facts beyond human intellect.


The first colour is autonomy. The human being is endowed with freewill. There is no constraint on his will. But the universe doesn’t have freedom, it is bound by the laws of nature. From particles to galaxies, the universe is bound by an inviolable law. These laws of nature are intricate and extremely complex.

The second colour of the human being is his intellect. Humans can discover the laws of nature with their intellect and by applying them, they further engage in the journey of conquering the universe. In this way, human civilisation progressively marches to higher levels. The human being is an active entity and not a passive thing like the universe. Humans are empowered to handle with the universe in so many ways.

The third colour is passion. The human being is not devoid of emotions like the universe. Hundreds of emotions continue to emerge within and affect his inner world. Sometimes kindness prompts him to help others; some other times cruelty prompts to oppress others.

But the dominating colour among all these three colours is the colour of human sovereignty, the colour of freewill. Humans can direct their intellect to the right or the wrong path by freewill. In the same way, they can turn their emotions in the right or the wrong direction. It is the freedom of will given to the human being that makes him morally responsible. If he were devoid of freewill, like the universe and other subservient beings in it, he would not have been accountable. If the human being was not having intellect to distinguish between right and wrong, there would not have been any moral obligations on him. If he was not possessing the natural potential for virtue and vice in the inner core of the heart, he would not have been expected of purity and spiritual elevation at all.


The Qur’ān is the guidance of Allah. This guidance is for the whole humankind. It is related to every aspect of life, which is consequential to the life after death. This book shows the path which enables the present life remaining on the right path and achieving success in the life after death.

The Qur’ān brings man face to face with the Lord of the universe. God, who is beyond the human sight and intellect, the Qur’ān informs about His Self, Attributes and Majesty. God speaks about Himself in human language in a way that the human being can understand and comprehend Him to the possible extent and to live with Him in heart and mind.


The Qur’ān says that the Creator, Owner and Lord of this universe is only One God. He is the First and the Last, and the Manifest and the Hidden (57:3). There is no one like Him to be resembled. He is Unique. The entire universe is testifying to His Majesty, Wisdom, Knowledge, Mercy and Forgiveness. Let us try to comprehend the concept of God from these five attributes presented by the Qur’ān:


There was nothing and He said, ‘Be done’ and this universe came into being. The rational explanation, though partial, of this happening, is the Big Bang theory. The creation of the universe, the gradual formation and decay of galaxies, stars, planets, the continuing expansion and balance in the universe, the existence of humans on earth and the abundance of sustenance of life on earth are all the charisma of His Infinite Power. If there were even an iota of deficiency in His Power in any aspect, this universe would not have come into existence.


Everything in the universe was created by His Power in such a way that the human intellect and vision are amazed and bewildered. There are countless hidden wisdoms behind everything. The more the human mind ponders, the more amazing wisdom comes out. The discovery of a few laws of nature makes the human being awe-inspiring, giving him impetus for search of more wisdom. The Wisdom of the One Who created this universe is unlimited. As much as man will advance in search of wisdom, the meaning of the universe will be more manifest. In the system of the universe there is no imbalance, no deficiency. God made the universe as it was meant to be. The purpose of the creation of the universe is exactly what it is. The Almighty God Who created the existence is the All-Wise, His wisdom is manifested in every particle.


Every aspect of the grand universe we live in reveals His infinite knowledge. His knowledge encompasses each and every secret of the universe. His knowledge is free from the suffixes of beginning and end, free from the limitations of time and space. He is aware of everything, He is watchful of everything. If He were oblivious to even a particle, this universe would not have got existence. He is Eternally Existing, He is the Source of knowledge.


This universe and the existence of humans in it all depends on His mercy. If it were not for His mercy, there would have been no universe, no human life. This universe and human life are all manifestations of His mercy. His mercy is not the ones what we experience in everyday life. His mercy is endless. Every passing breath on which our life is dependent and every mutual relationship we are living in is only due to His mercy. He is the Merciful and the Compassionate One. His mercy encompasses everything. His mercy covers even His wrath.


God gave humans the freewill. Freedom of will sometimes leads to wrongdoing and sin. But God has opened the door of His forgiveness as He is the Compassionate One. He is the One Who covers our sins, as He is the Coverer. If a person commits a sin, the door of repentance is open for him if he wants to enter it and seeks forgiveness. Whoever knocks at the door of Forgiveness is pardoned by Him. A person may commit sins hundreds of times, let him knock at the door of Forgiveness, he will not return disappointed. His Lord’s forgiveness is unlimited. He is the Forgiver, the Kind. It is another matter that one persists on disobedience, wanders to the door of others besides his Lord and doesn’t heed to the call of his Lord. It is all upon a person to act as he wishes and to meet whatever end he wants. God doesn’t force anyone towards repentance as He Himself has granted freewill to the human being. But He does not disappoint anyone with His forgiveness as He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.

These are just a few glimpses of the persona of the Lord of the Universe the Qur’ān introduces to humanity. Along with this, the Qur’ān says that every quality, every good attribute is attached perfectly and completely only with God, the Creator, the Sustainer of the whole universe. In this way, the Qur’ān instils in man the sense of limitlessness of God’s persona, attributes and powers so that mankind bows down before God.

The Qur’ān further makes it clear to man that if this universe has been created for you, if you are getting blessings every day, if everything for your life has been provided, then do not abuse your freedom and don’t act as per your whims and wishes. Keep trying to conform to the Will of your Lord. This world is your testing ground. Every moment here is a witness of your thoughts and actions. Don’t forget that the result of this test is also to come out. No doubt, success and failure are not in your hands, but you are free to strive for success and failure. In this way, the Qur’ān unites the activities of human life with the ultimate reckoning. Human existence is the unity of life and its continuity after death.

Death speaks to life

People live for this destiny

The journey of life continues

Hold my hand for a new journey

The meaningfulness in human life lies in the consciousness of this unity. If this consciousness is blurred, the struggle and striving of human life becomes chaotic, meaningless and every moment of life becomes worthless.


Man is not only the body, not only the intellect, not only the soul. Man is a combination of all. All the three aspects of human existence need sustenance for their survival and growth. Allah is the Nourisher. For the survival and growth of body, He has provided abundant sustenance, which man uses till his last breath. God has sent down His guidance so that the intellect can think in the right direction. He sent down His Guidance in every nation, in every age and in the form of Qur’ān, He has completed and preserved His guidance until the Day of Judgment.

God has made His remembrance necessary for nourishing the soul, because the soul remains restless for Him and is satiated with His remembrance. Thus, every aspect of human existence is in need of the Lord.

How can this human need be fulfilled? The Qur’ān is the answer to this “how?” The Qur’ān has been revealed by the mercy of God, to make him the embodiment of mercy. Blessed are those who are blessed by the message of the Qur’ān, the mercy of God. Remembering God’s message, understanding it and putting it into practice requires attention and repeated attention. Fortunate are those in favour of whom the Qur’ān would become the witness on the Day of Judgment and not be the witness against them.

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