“Let man reflect on the food he eats: how We pour down the rain in torrents, and cleave the earth in fissures; how We bring forth the corn, the grapes, and the fresh vegetation, the olive and the palm, the dense-treed gardens, the fruit-trees and the green pastures, for you and your cattle to delight in.”

(The Qur’ān – 80:24-32)

Food is the basic requirement for survival of man and other living beings. Man often considers it something ordinary. But the Lord, Creator and Sustainer, here enjoins man to reflect upon food,  how it is created. Had God not provided the means for it, it was not in the power of man himself to have created food in any way.

In ayah after ayah, God presents how He creates food grains for us. He says: “We poured water, pouring it in great abundance.” This refers to rainwater. Water vapours are raised in vast quantities from the oceans by the heat of the sun, and after passing through different processes fall as rain in every area in a particular measure.

God says how He cleaves the earth, cleaving it in a way that the seeds, or seed-stones, or vegetable seedlings that man sows or plants in it, should sprout up. Man can do nothing more than to dig the soil, or plough it, and bury in it the seeds that God has already created. Beyond this everything is done by God.

The Qur’ān wonders how man benefits by all this and yet disbelieves in God Whose provisions sustain him.

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