It is a matter of thanksgiving that India has been honoured with the presidency of G20. India deserves it not only for being the home of one-sixth of humanity but also for the fact that we are a nation of nations, a macro world with thousands of ethnicities, hundreds of languages and dialects, followers of all six or seven major religions, and one of the best examples of unity in diversity.

PM Modi has celebrated this onerous and honourable responsibility by writing an article entitled, ‘Humanity’s challenges can’t be solved by fighting … but by acting together’. He has further emphasised that India’s G20 presidency will reflect its tradition of seeking harmony between all. He has also given the slogan of One Earth, One Family, One Future.

If we learn from the experiments of the previous presidencies and add our contributions through hard work on the basis of the concept of human-centric globalisation, we would be showing a new light and making a valuable contribution towards mitigating the sufferings of a big chunk of human beings. If there is a will, there is a way. We can hand over the baton of G20 presidency after one year to a better, more united and more hope-filled world.

Charity begins at home. We require greater stress on our domestic policies and need rejecting all sorts of narrowminded concepts of aggressive nationalism based on Hindutva ideology. How can we walk about all inclusive globalisation when we are failing in its implementation within our own country?

All talks of imposition of a particular religion or culture must be rejected outright. The canker of casteism and communalism should be opposed and the true spirit of One Earth, One Family, One Future must be adopted.

For fulfilling our duty to unite the world and save it from destruction we must embrace the divine formula that “O mankind, We have created you from one man and one woman and made you into communities and tribes so that you may know each other. Verily the best among you in the sight of God are those who fear Him most.”

We can also keep before us the exhortation of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ when he entered Makkah and conquered the hearts of Arabs: “Your Lord is one, your Father is one, all of you are the progeny of Adam, and Adam was made out of clay.” On that occasion he also explained that all human beings are equal. India can make a rich contribution to the world provided she adopts all inclusive policies inside the country, too. We have to create a harmonious India in the first place. Implement liberty, equality and fraternity fully and also play a constructive and humanistic role and promote peace and cooperation in the whole world.

Let us sincerely hope that our PM will set the things right at home and also play a positive role in creating a harmonious, loving and peaceful world.

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