In a bid to create communal harmony among the peace-loving people drawn from the various faiths, the Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) branch of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) initiated an event titled “Journey for Peace” organised at Race Course CSI All Souls Church premises on November 20 under the presidentship of Reverend Charles N. Vincent, President, CSI All Souls Church during the 9:30 am Sunday mass.

Besides Fr. Charles N. Vincent, Penance Kumaragurupara Swami, Siravai Atheenam, Kaumara Monastery; Maulavi Muhammad Ismail Imdati, State President, Rabitatul Ulama Council, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind; Mr. Rakesh Kolecha, Joint Secretary, Sri Coimbatore Jain Mahasabha; Mr. Gurpreet Singh, President, Gurdwara Singh Sabha; Guruji Shiva Atma, Founder, Universal Peace Sevashram; and Reverend Dhanasekhar, Saint Michael’s Church participated in the peace event. Fr. Charles N. Vincent led them in an outstanding manner.

Endorsing similar views, the speakers at the meeting highlighted the importance of peaceful coexistence among people cutting across communal lines. The idea behind the event is to bring leaders from different faiths on a common platform to send a strong message of ‘Keep Calm and Let Peace Prevail’.

Our country of India is a harvest land of diversity, where everyone lives with the brotherhood of unity in diversity despite having various differences in religion, caste, culture, culture and language. No other country in the world can see an example of such diversity.

It is the duty of all of us Indians to preserve and sustain such a great diversity of culture for the peaceful life of the people of India.

Every group of people living in this country has the right to maintain their unique religious belief, right of worship and culture, and they have the duty to provide an opportunity to maintain the belief, worship and culture of other religions.

Only with such a state can a peaceful environment full of love and cooperation prevail. The values ​​of religion, love, compassion, mercy, humanity, helpfulness, giving up, and tolerance are all high qualities that should be strictly adhered to in this country.

The City Police Commissioner was of the view to convene harmony meetings by different organisations which he felt is need of the hour. M. Abdul Hakeem, Event Coordinator, and Public Relations Secretary, Jamaat Islami Hind, Coimbatore made painstaking efforts in coordinating the journey for the peace event. Mr. P.S. Omar Farooq delivered the vote of thanks.

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