“We sent Noah to his people, and he said: ‘My people! Serve Allah; you have no deity other than He. Do you have no fear?’ But the notables among his people had refused to believe, and said: ‘This is none other than a mortal like yourselves who desires to gain superiority over you. Had Allah wanted (to send any Messengers) He would have sent down angels….”

(Al-Qur’ān – 23:23-24)

Here the Holy Qur’ān puts a question before the unbelievers in a very categorical manner: do they not have fear when they worship other than their true God? Are they not fearful of the terrible consequences of serving and obeying others than the One True God when they live in the realm of He Who is the true Lord and Master of the whole universe and of themselves as well?

Those who have wandered away from the True Path share one common error – that a human being cannot become a Prophet; and that Prophets are not human beings. It is for this reason that the Qur’ān repeatedly declared this idea to be altogether false, emphasising that all the Prophets were human. The Qur’ān also says that in order to carry out the functions of the Prophetic office effectively, he who is sent to human beings should be one of them.

The enemies of the truth have always been wont to charge that the activity of reformers is actuated by their hunger for power. Interestingly, such accusations of hungering after power are always hurled at reformers by those who have entrenched themselves in power.

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