By Faiz Ahmad Faiz

[English rendering by M. S. Shamsi]

What novelty you contain tell me O’new year

Why so much fuss, brouhaha everywhere

The same daylight, the same starry night

Everywhere I notice the same old sight

The heaven never changed, nor changed the earth

Just change of a digit does not carry worth

The same course of last year, you are bound to maintain

Everyone knows, exact twelve months you contain

Jan. Feb. and March would bring the same winter bite

April, May and June are sure to show blazing might

You will lose something, achieve something in part

After completing the term, it is sure you depart

Bring forth new dawn, new evening, if you are really new

Else, many a like new year the eyes of mine did view

Worthless! why on you congrats everyone showers

Being quite forgetful of their painful hours

Your advent did slash one year of life instead

Faiz really composed this poem in a quirky way indeed

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