Abbas relates that one day he was riding on a mule behind the Holy Messenger while he said: “I want to teach you something. Obey Allah and He will look after you. Safeguard His Commandments and He will ever be with you (as your protector). When you must ask, ask Allah alone. When you must seek help, seek help from Allah alone. Remember! If all mankind join to help you, they can only help you to the extent that Allah has already decreed. And if all mankind join to harm you, they cannot harm you except to the extent that Allah has already decreed for you.”


This hadith teaches six lessons. First is that the believers must obey Allah, of course in each and every walk of life. The natural corollary of this unflinching obedience to Allah is that Allah looks after those who obey Him.

Second, the believers must safeguard the Commandments of Allah. They should not only follow the Commandments of Allah in words and deeds but bear witness to the Truth whenever the situation demands and invite others to do so. Third, the believers must ask none but Allah for whatever they need. The fourth is that even for this purpose the believers should turn to Allah alone.  Fifth, fellow beings can help a believer but only to the extent that Allah has decreed. And sixth, no one can harm a believer except to the extent that Allah has already decreed for him. These lessons constitute the nucleus of man’s firm faith in Allah.

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