By Sikandar Azam

We most often discuss the universe and the various manifestations of God’s creation. Now let’s see the essential truth that governs life, human or non-human. This essential truth works on the bases of some fundamental laws which operate in all conditions whatsoever without any fear or favour and never fail. These laws testify to the inherent wisdom we can see in God’s creation.

The Qur’ān (15:85) tells us about the manifestation of this essential truth in the Divine creation: “It was only with the truth that We have created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them.” And there is no error or defect in His creation. At another place (67:3-4), the Qur’ān asserts that there is no error or fault in God’s creation, and challenges man to look at the structure, design and management of the universe and see how perfectly God’s creation and maintenance thereof is working without any fault: “No fault will you see in what the Lord of Grace creates.” The wisdom inherent in and the perfection of His creation is enough to make his eyes turn back in absolute amazement: “Turn up your eyes: can you see any flaw. Then look again, and again: your vision will come back to you dull and weary.”

Then the Qur’ān draws our attention to the Final Hour after which the obedient will be rewarded and those who have dared to revolt against the laws of God will be punished, finally: “The appointed Hour will certainly come.” (The Qur’ān – 15:85)

Thus we have seen that Divine creation is working on some fundamental laws that are operating without fail and a Day will come when this physical world will come to an end. This entire operation is called Islam. Now, in response to this manifestation of Divine creation, those who seek guidance from their Creator and Master will turn to Him in submission and dedication and obey His commandments. But there may be some persons, who, in their utter foolhardiness, may opt to reject the truth and continue to follow their whims and inconsistencies, as God has given man freedom of choice as a matter of test. They also may indulge in abusing all that stands for Islam, especially the Holy Prophet ﷺ, other Holy personages, mosques and minarets and every other Islamic symbol. In these given circumstances, the believers have to see what should be their response. The Qur’ān (15:85-86) guides them: “Hence overlook their faults in fair forbearance,” for “Your Lord is the All-Knowing Creator.”

Keeping this guidance in view, the believers are asked to leave it to God as they are not allowed to indulge in any reaction. The truth will establish itself, no matter howsoever some people ridicule the Prophet ﷺ or his message. In the face of abuse, persecution or rejection of the message, the Qur’ān asks His Prophet: “We know that you are distressed by what they say. But extol your Lord’s limitless glory and praise Him, and be among those who prostrate themselves before Him, and worship your Lord till the certainty (of death) comes to you.” (The Qur’ān – 15: 97-99)

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