A SURREPTITIOUS ASSAULT Centre accused of backdoor censorship on free speech

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Arshad Shaikh reports on the proposed change in IT rules by the government to check and regulate fake news. The move upset civil society and the media fraternity as it envisaged assigning the government’s Press Information Bureau (PIB) as the sole adjudicator for “fact-checking”. Thankfully, due to sustained opposition by the concerned stakeholders, the move has been stalled pending further consultations. The brazen manner in which the media has acquiesced to the diktats of the “powers that be” for favourable headline management, the attempts to tweak data privacy laws and now the imposition of a “sarkari” fact-checking agency – all cry out for an alert citizenry that is zealous to protect its freedom and civil liberties. Deadwood is easy to burn and reduce to ashes.

The Deepening Chasm Oxfam Report highlights growing wealth inequality

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Arshad Shaikh analyses the recently released Indian supplement of the Oxfam (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief) Report about inequality in India. Oxfam, an international charity focused on poverty alleviation, released its global report coinciding with the start of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. These reports by Oxfam (a British-founded charity by Quakers and Oxford academics) quickly grab headlines because of their startling findings and crisp captions. Oxfam has successfully managed to bring back the spotlight on wealth inequality and reignite the debate about the negative externalities of capitalism.

Saudi Arabia ‘Imposes Restrictions’ on Ramadhan Practices

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Saudi Arabia has announced a set of rules and restrictions on the practice of the holy month of Ramadhan in the Kingdom this year, including a number of controversial ones such as the reduction in mosque loudspeakers, the surveillance of worshippers wishing to seclude themselves during the month’s last ten days, limitations on donations and the banning of filming or broadcasting of prayers within mosques, a news report said on March 8.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Menstrual Leave

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Dr Tamanna Mobeen Azmi presents an appraisal of menstrual leave, counts its benefits and drawbacks and suggests that themenstrual leavepolicies should aim to improve working conditions and make healthcare more accessible.

Novel Protest Staged against Rising Inflation

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The Congress Party held a protest in the Old City of Hyderabad against the rising inflation and the increase in prices of gas cylinders, petrol and diesel, a March 9 statement of the party said.

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