What is Shari’ah?

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By Dr. Khan Yasir If you are at point A and you want to reach point B,…

Inflation Worries

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The government needs to look at its root cause and remedy the situation Arshad Shaikh looks at…

Fasting is an Obligatory Prayer

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“During the month of Ramadhan the Qur’ān was sent down as a guidance to the people with clear signs of the true guidance, and as the Criterion (between…

Readers’ Pulse 03-Apr-2022

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‘The Kashmir Files’ – Hate Propaganda’ ‘The Kashmir Files’ is a part the propaganda. This is a clear from the PM Sri Narendra Modi’s endorsement of the film…

A Month of Endurance

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Salman Farsi relates that Allah’s Messenger ﷺ delivered a sermon on the last day of Sha’aban in which he said, “O people! You are on the threshold of…

Sheikh Sa‘di Taught Humanity in All Facets: Iran Envoy

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By SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT The Iran Culture House (ICH) hosted the 8th Sheikh Sa‘di Award Ceremony, where well-known Persian academics and university professors who have contributed to the Persian…