Photo Essay 02-Jan-2022

Photo Essay 02-Jan-2022

Written by

Syed Akbar Hassan

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Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything between them, Lord of all the points of sunrise.” Surah 37 – As-Saaffaat – Ayah 5

The heavens and the earth stand before us, speaking to us about the Creator who controls everything in this universe. No one else claims the ability to create and control the universe, and no one can deny that the One who created the universe is the true Lord who has absolute power. He also created and controls “everything between them,” including the air, clouds, light, as well as tiny little creatures which man comes to know from time to time, but much more remains unknown to man.

Lord of all points of sunrise.” The phrase refers to the fact that as the earth turns round the sun, every point of it has its own sunrise, and its point of sunset. Whenever a point of earth is facing the sun, it has its sunrise, and the opposite point on the surface of the earth has its sunset. People did not know this at the time of the revelation of the Qur’ān, but God told them about it. This precise system that makes such successive sunrises over the earth, and the splendid beauty that so permeates our planet beckons us to reflect on the superb beauty of God’s creation and to believe in His oneness. How could such beauty, accuracy and consistency have been achieved unless the Maker is One?


Text and photo by : Syed Akbar Hassan