Have you not considered how God sends down water from the skies, and then causes it to travel through the earth to form springs?…” (Surah 39 – Az-Zumar – Ayah 21)

This is a remarkable phenomenon, but we tend not to reflect on it because it is so familiar. The very creation of water is indeed a miracle. We know that it comes into existence when two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom under certain conditions. Our knowledge, however, should alert us to the fact that it is God’s hand that made the universe, allowing the hydrogen and the oxygen to be available and to provide the conditions that allow them to combine and produce water, which is essential for life to emerge. In fact, without water, no life could have emerged. Moreover, the very fall of rain, after the creation of water, is in itself a miraculous phenomenon, brought about by the system that operates the universe and the earth, allowing the formation of water and its fall by God’s will.

That which follows such rainfall is described thus: God “causes it to travel through the earth to form springs.” (Ayah 21) This applies to the rivers running on the surface of the earth as well as the rivers that run underneath its surface when water seeps underground. It then forms springs or wells. It is God’s hand that prevents it from going too far into the earth making it impossible to bring up again.

Shot was taken on way to Pahelgam (J & K)

Text and Photos by Syed Akbar Hassan.

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