Meat Ban Unwarranted

In an unwarranted and undemocratic move, the Mayor of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has ordered meat shops under its jurisdiction to shut down during the nine days of Navratri. Although this decision has been announced on the pretext of safeguarding the sentiments of those who fast during Navratri, the fact means that it is purely a politically motivated move. More shockingly, this order banning meat shops has happened in India’s capital, a cosmopolitan hub and assumes falsely that no one consumes meat during these fasting days. Why should any individual or government body force its religious beliefs on the food choice of others? The mayor’s order also says that most of the people in the city do not even eat onion or garlic but one fails to understand the basis of this claim.

The interference of the government in people’s eating habits is a dangerous step as it pertains to intrusion into one’s right to eat. The law prohibiting cow slaughter was a first, but now the flames are inching toward other non-vegetarian products. This must be a warning signal for a protein deficient country where 50% of the kids are suffering from anaemia and malnutrition.

This is also a bad omen for the state’s case of doing business. On the one hand we want private meat companies to grow their businesses, and on the other, we are harassing conventional shopkeepers who are selling meat. So, this ban needs to be taken back immediately in the overall interests of the public.

Sanjay Chopra

Mohali, Punjab

Let’s Help Stop Ukraine War

Many murmurs are being heard around the country as media reports accusing India of not playing any role in bringing an end to the Ukraine war. The accusers say the Indian government is not in a position to ask the Russian president to stop the war immediately. India itself is in a volatile position because of the belligerence around. We are not in a position to admonish Russia unilaterally because of the dependence on that country for our petroleum needs. While there is no guarantee of uninterrupted supply of petroleum by the UAE and Saudi Arabia because of their internal feuds. We cannot be a peacemaker at the cost of our own problems.

Nazeer Ahmed Kazi

Professor Secab

Vijaypur (Karnataka)

Time to Establish Own Media Houses

We have been passing through difficult times for some time now. Though freedom of speech is every citizen’s right guaranteed by the Constitution, the reality is quite different – since most of the Media – be it electronic or print media – have become tools in the hands of the powers that be. They can’t stand tall and raise questions on behalf of the people, especially the Muslim minority.

There are many burning problems faced by the Muslim community that the Godi Media would never raise. The important issues are handing over the public assets like Indian Railways, Public Sector Undertaking Units, the LIC, and other such companies to private parties. Besides, high rising prices in the petroleum products, essential commodities, unemployment of educated youths, minimum pension to senior citizens and now a single LPG gas cylinder cost raised to Rs.1002, etc.

Further, in a society every individual has a right to live according to his/her faith, customs and traditions. What one eats and what one wears should not be a matter of worry for others. For instance, the Hijab issue in Karnataka was unwarranted.

Last, but not the least – the time has come for the Muslim community, particularly those having high profiles such as professional journalists, lawyers, educationists, scholars, professors and young educated youths having good background in their respective fields should at least come forward in establishing our own Media houses to counter the fake propaganda of Godi Media against the Muslim minority.

Syed Amjad Ali


Telangana State

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