Karnataka Adopts Divide and Rule Policy

The recent series of killings in Karnataka, which are of communal nature, is fully disturbing. It is shocking that Chief Minister and Higher Education Minister have promised to counter killings with killings and violence with violence. This is the most inappropriate response. Further, Sri Bommai has said he would import the ‘Yogi model’ into the state to end the killings and violence. The UP model that he wants to implement is not a model of democratic governance. Recently immediately after the incident took place, the Chief Minister visited the family of slain Praveen Kumar and issued a cheque of `25 lakhs as compensation to the bereaved family, but the CM did not visit the families of Masood, and Mod Fazil and did not pay any compensation to their equally bereaved families. So, Karnataka is playing a divide and rule policy. The Government should treat all its people, without giving rise to any further discrimination.

Nazeer Ahmed Kazi

Prof. Secab, Vijypur, Karnataka

The Indian National Congress was Formed Thus

Dadabhai Naoroji Naoroji, who was the first Asian who was elected as a Member of Parliament in Britain, and had been there in the British Parliament as a Liberal Party candidate from 1892 to 1895, established his own cotton trading company called Dadabhai Naoroji & Co. in 1859 three years after travelling to the UK.

Following this, he established the East India Association in 1867 to fight discrimination against Asians in England. The organisation was then merged with the Indian National Association which eventually became the Indian National Congress in 1885.

Tahir Nadeem

Sussex, UK

Skewed Morals

The sad truth of Indian society is that we are offended by a couple kissing in public but are okay with a man beating his wife. This skewed sense of morality has been camouflaged under cultural values.  Far too much hullabaloo has resulted from Ranvir Singh’s nude photoshoot than is warranted. There are much more serious and pressing matters deserving our attention than this.

The courts would do well to refuse to accept petitions on this matter of outraging the modesty of women. There are so many instances where modesty is being outraged while we choose to be silent and look the other way.

Otherwise, like the Shilpa Shetty kissing case, it could carry on for 15 years.

Anthony Henriques

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Speak Wisely

The way we speak and assert can have a significant impact not only on our own lives but on the lives of others too. One’s language is the index of one’s personality. The language or speech leaves indelible prints. Speak in a civilised manner and reap a good dividend; speak harshly and face acrimonious results. The expectations of citizens from the elected dignitaries are very high; they should maintain decorum everywhere.

Dr. Sunil Chopra

Ludhiana, Punjab

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