CBI should Challenge Remission

It is duty of the CBI to challenge the grant of remission to the 11 convicted in the Bilkis Bano case. The accused were powerful and politically connected and Gujarat Govt. had closed the case. It was on the initiative of the National Human Rights Commission that the Supreme Court ordered a fresh investigation by the CBI in 2004. In the trial court, the case was prosecuted by the CBI. It was this CBI special court that sentenced 11 accused to life imprisonment. Those convicted appealed to the High Court, and then Supreme Court where their appeals were rejected. One of the convicts approached the Gujarat High Court for remission. There it was rejected, then he approached the Supreme Court, which passed an order on May 13, 2022, saying that since the crime was committed in Gujarat, the state government should examine the application for remission. Gujarat government formed a committee consisting of BJP MLAs and social workers from the ruling party. CBI was not involved; therefore, it is the duty of the CBI to challenge the grant of remission. If the CBI does not challenge this order, it will be a sad reflection on reputation that the CBI has earned among people and lose confidence.

Nazeer Ahmed Kazi


Vijaypur, Karnataka

Let’s Stand by Women

As a woman I consider S.S. Paul’s letter titled “Remission of convicts unjustified” (Radiance, 3 September, 2022) as a well-thought-out, civilized yet strong protest because I sincerely believe that millions of women would agree with him when he says, “It defies logic that those convicted for direct involvement in the rape of three women, the murder of a three-year-old and six others can be considered candidates for premature release under any remission policy.”

It is not the character of educated and law-abiding women to contradict the comments of honourable courts and respected judges. Also, it is not their character to dance to the tune of political leaders. But even without taking to the streets, their roaring voice can reach the concerned places if the Indian press and electronic media assist them.

Frankly speaking, Indian women firmly believe that even if there are thousands of legal reforms, correctional homes and prisons in India, the heinous crimes committed by rapists and murderers will not go away.

The civilized countries of the world are enforcing stringent punishment to rapists, because they are not eligible to live in human society.

Unfortunately, in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the country’s Independence, the Gujarat government has brushed aside the tears of women to show mercy to rapists. The release of 11 rapists and murderers, who were sentenced to life imprisonment, has undoubtedly caused dismay.

It is incomprehensible to a peace-loving woman that on the release of these convicts, sweets were distributed along with rejoicing in various quarters.

I urge all the thinking citizens of the country to come forward and stand by women.

Indrani Guha

Kolkata, West Bengal

Survey of Madrasas, Nay Survey of RSS Offices!

Bihar’s controversial BJP leader Giriraj Singh’s recently demanded that a survey of unrecognised madrasas should be conducted as it was being conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government. This demand has proved counter-productive as the Hindustani Awam Morcha (HAM) on September 3 demanded a survey of RSS offices in Bihar, saying that the Hindutva outfit could conduct explosions and blasts to incite riots in the state. Danish Rizwan, spokesperson of the Morcha, alleged that the RSS was attempting to destabilise the Bihar government.

This allegation of HAM’s spokesperson came days after Yashwant Shinde, a former RSS worker claimed in an affidavit filed in Maharashtra’s Nanded court that he took part in a bomb-making camp a year before the 2004 Lok Sabha election and that the organisations connected to the RSS were responsible for a slew of bomb explosions around the nation. In the affidavit, Shinde named several RSS and VHP workers who were involved at many levels of planning and executing a bomb blast.

This chain of claims and counter-claims proves where the hate mill and polarisation of society is taking the country to. Concerned citizens should try their best to save the country from falling into the cauldron of chaos and anarchy.

Chandra Prakash

Patna, Bihar

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