Derogatory Remarks by Deepak Chaurasia on Gen. Bipin Rawat’s Demise

It was reported on social media that ‘News Nation’ anchor Deepak Chaurasia in a drunken condition, recently, in his Breaking News item, he had to pay homage to the late CDS General Bipin Rawat but instead he wrongly quoted the name as V.P. Singh. Alt News broke the news on Twitter, saying:  “What happened to @DChaurasia2312? Is he not well? Why was he removed from his show ‘Desh ki Behas’ in mins? Why is his show not uploaded on YT? Didn’t look like he was in his usual sense. Nothing he spoke made sense too. Referred to Gen Bipin Rawat as VP Singh & many such errors.” Free Press Journal also covered this news.

The Video went viral. It is condemnable. The authorities should take immediate legal action against the said news anchor.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed

Noorullah Pet,  Ambur (Tamil Nadu)

Hindu or Hindutvawadi?

Addressing a rally in Jaipur against rising inflation on December 12, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi revived the controversy of Hindu Vs. Hindutvawadi when he said there is a fight between two ideologies today in the country: Hindu and Hindutvawadi. Attacking the BJP, he said that Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu and secular person whereas Nathuram Godse was Hindutvawadi. “Hindu searches for the truth. His path is towards Satyagraha. Hindutvawadi spends his entire life for getting to power. He can do anything in pursuit for power. His path is towards Sattagraha,” Mr. Rahul alleged.

To make his point home, he said: “Today, 1% of India’s population controls 33% of wealth. 10% controls 65% of resources. 50% has only 6% of wealth. PM Narendra Modi has left only 6% wealth with the poor through demonetisation, GST and farm laws.” He added, “Before Modi assumed power, unorganised sector, small shopkeepers, farmers, etc., comprised 52% of the workforce. In Modi’s rule, it has been reduced to 20%.”

If the figures that the Congress leader has presented are true, the country is passing through a critical phase and the concerned and conscientious persons will have to make tireless strivings to bring the country back to right track.

Gunjan Singh

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Karnataka Church Attacked

Following a history of attacking Muslims and their places of worship, now the anti-national elements are attacking Christians, their priests and nuns and their churches. On December 11, a man with a machete stormed into a church in Belagavi, Karnataka, and chased down the priest in charge. The man is reported to have been seen on CCTV footage following the church’s in-charge, Father Francis D’souza, with a machete in the hand. When the priest notices him, he moves away. The armed intruder pursues Father D’souza for a little time before fleeing. It is also seen that the man is carrying a wire along with him, although it’s unclear why he carried it.

Reports confirm that the event occurred just one day before the Assembly’s Winter Session in Belagavi. This year, the Assembly is scheduled to consider a bill prohibiting religious conversions, which has been opposed by the opposition and Christian organisations.

It is high time minority community leaders joined hands and devised the ways and means to counter the hate incidents and hate politics in the country.

Farooq Ahmed

New Delhi

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