The Role of AAP and AIMIM in Helping BJP in Gujarat Elections

With the Gujarat Assembly election results, the role of AAP and AIMIM in helping the BJP gain the ‘biggest landslide’ in the state is being increasingly discussed and debated in the media. “AAP, AIMIM split minority votes of Congress in Gujarat, BJP gains” was the headline of Economic Times of December 9. Similarly, Mahesh Langa’s article, “How AAP helped BJP get its biggest landslide in Gujarat” in The Hindu of the same date discussed the issue in detail.

Many other political analysts are also discussing this issue in print and electronic media. Senior journalist Deepak Sharma, on his YouTube channel ( with 686000 followers, discussed it in a live talk with Hisamul Siddiqui, Editor of Jadeed Markaz. Mr. Siddiqui is heard saying that there is ‘circumstantial evidence’ to prove that Asaduddin Owaisi, the chief of AIMIM, has fallen ‘prey to some conspiracy’ as he jumps in the election fray only in the constituencies with Muslim concentration just to cut secular votes and ultimately benefit the BJP. Rajesh Kumar Choudhary, one of the followers of this channel, comments in Hindi, saying, “If Muslims recognise the real face of Owaisi, the result will be quite different. It’s certain.”

It is a matter of far-reaching consequences and a question of protection of democracy and pluralism in the country. Muslim organisations and leaders must think of it and devise some plan to defeat this nefarious design.

Adil Husain

Patiala, Punjab

Liquor and Money Allegedly Used ‘liberally’ in Gujarat Elections

Maharashtra Congress president Nana Patole has alleged that liquor and money were used liberally in the Gujarat Assembly elections. The BJP, which won a landslide victory in the state, Patole told reporters in Mumbai, “misused the government machinery”. A PTI report has reported this allegation.

Where were the Election Commission officials? Were they looking the other way while the bungling in electoral process was going on?

The need is that the authorities take action against those found guilty so that the sanctity of electoral process may be protected.

Kailash Mishra

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

US Sanctions for Human Rights Violations in North Korea

A report on December 10 said that the US has slapped sanctions on two individuals, including an Indian national, and seven entities for providing material support to or being owned by North Korea’s government-run SEK Studio, an animation studio, which utilised its workers to provide low-cost labour.

The US took this action on December 9 on the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day and on the eve of International Human Rights Day. The US action, which was palpably aimed to promote accountability for corruption and human rights abuse around the world, is a welcome move.

Harish Mehta

New Delhi

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