Arshdeep Singh a Victim of False Propaganda

India’s young pacer Arshdeep Singh has dropped a simple catch in the second last over ongoing Asia T20 Cup in Dubai (UAE) recently, has turned into a nail-biting contest with arch rival Pakistan clinching the victory in the last over. As per the news reports, that Arshdeep’s Wiki page has been hacked and falsely linked him to Khalistani separatist movement. In this regard, he broke down and admitted his catch drop mistake. On the other hand, take the old case of Virat Kohli’s 9-month-old daughter had got rape threats under the Twitter by a Hyderabad software engineer Ramnagesh, because Kohli decided to stand his Muslim teammate under the twitter after India lost to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2021 in UAE.

So, stop spreading false information and criticising Singh, no one drop the catch purposely. Let’s accept the defeat gently.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed

Ambur (Tamil Nadu)

It’s Shameful

Through the columns of your esteemed journal, I would like to express my opinion about the communal trolling on young Indian bowler Arshdeep Singh for missing a catch in the last match against Pakistan. His Wikipedia page was vandalised to portray him as a member of a ‘Khalistan Squad’. The Union ministry of electronics and information technology stepped in, summoning Wikipedia officials to explain how such fake information was published.

During Sunday’s Asia Cup match against Pakistan, he dropped an easy catch in the 18th over that changed the complexion of the super four clash. But for this should someone be attacked communally? No one drops a catch on purpose. Such an incident is shameful for us.

Diganta Chakraborty

Hooghly, West Bengal

Ban on Hijab in Karnataka is Affecting Students’ Right to Education

How the ban on Hijab in Karnataka is affecting the students’ studies becomes evident with the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)-Karnataka’s interim report. The PUCL study that looked into the impact of the Hijab ban in educational institutions in Karnataka has found that students who were wearing headscarves had to face intimidation and hostilities on their campuses. The report noted that in colleges across the state, Hijab-wearing students were harassed and intimidated by both fellow students and authorities.

The report titled ‘Impact of Hijab Ban in Karnataka Educational Institutions’, said the ban is affecting the students’ right to education. According to some students, they were not being given attendance by the authorities. Even if they were on campus, they were not allowed inside. Some students said that police would take videos of students entering or leaving the college premises. This scared them, and “made us feel threatened in their own college.” One student said to the PUCL team that after leaving college, she has gone around looking for colleges that allow the Hijab. Another student said that because of this, she was now searching for other institutions.

This shows how minorities are being treated under a BJP regime.

Nikhat Siraj

Udupi, Karnataka

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