Beware Congress Lovers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel for three days sometime before. He was given a heroic welcome by the host government. The reasons are so obvious that it is not difficult to understand the VVIP treatment, which is reserved for American Presidents and The Pope, was accorded to the Indian Prime Minister. Protocols were broken by the host government.

It is entirely true that BJP is pro-Israel, but not entirely true that opposition parties are friendly to Palestine. When India established full diplomatic ties with Israel in 1992, the Congress was in power, and not BJP. The Congress Government had formally recognised Israel in 1950. During the Congress regime too, a steady stream of bilateral visits continued to Israel.

The Congress lovers should think over these facts and chalk out the strategy accordingly. They should monitor the India-Israel relationship.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bawani

Rajkot, Gujarat

Why is the PM Silent on Incidents of Violence?

Recently in many parts of the country inhuman incidents of violence took place? Why processions were allowed through sensitive areas where mosques are situated? These are cases in Hubli in Karnataka and Jahangirpuri in Delhi. Actually there were no permissions from the police department. Processionists raised provocative slogans. This is unacceptable. There are many questions pertaining to the incidents. Why were these processions allowed without prior permission? Why were the processionists allowed to carry weapons? Why did the police remove the names of VHP and Bajrang Dal after mentioning them in statement? The violent incidents in many areas of the country were manufactured and well planned. These were not spontaneous communal clashes. All these raise the questions, why has the PM been silent all through these days?

Nazeer Ahemd Kazi

Prof Secab

Vijapur, Karnataka

World is Silent on India’s Anti-Muslim Violence

Anti-Muslim violence in India continues unabated while the world and western media remain silent, and the country’s Muslim minority suffers.

The story published in media on the attacks on Muslims in Tripura is a tip of the iceberg. The BJP government lacks humanity. They are not accountable as the police is corrupt.

India gets invited to the Western summits as a country that respects law and human rights. It just shows what kind of the world we are living in now.

Ethics has been thrown out of the window and only money matters.

Salima Patel


United Kingdom


The recent communal disturbances in the country are giving worrying moments to all peace-loving people. Vested interests in politics and institutionalised religious bodies are trying to divide our society further with their extreme fanaticism.

All well-meaning civil society people should rise against the communal hate agenda on social media by countering with strong and sane voices.

It is incumbent on all state governments as well as the Centre that they be seized of troublemakers’ agenda through intelligence agencies.

Police should be given a free hand to nail such elements well in time without caring for political compulsions. India with its mammoth population and religious diversity can be kept united only with honest intentions of its political and religious class. Indian democracy and economy will both be strengthened if there is discipline and harmony in society.

Brij Bhushan Goyal

Ludhiana, Punjab

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