The Qur’ān on War, Peace and Violence

Arshad Shaikh in his article “The Qur’ān on War, Peace and Violence” (Radiance Viewsweekly, 9-15 October 2022) has presented what Islam has said on the subject of War, Peace and Violence. He has covered all the aspects of this particular subject with the help of verses from the Qur’ān. The very characteristic of the article which struck my mind was the tone. With the intellectual use of words, the writer has created a calm tone which beautifully explains the proposed idea and which compels the reader to lend not just the ear but the whole consciousness. The way the article is structured provides the reader with necessary information and confirmation before the actual subject is viewed by him.

Another astounding idea is of the inclusion of “the purpose of man’s creation” before the discussion of the dealings of Qur’ān on War, Peace and Violence. This paves the way to comprehend why wars happen, and what can be done to prevent violence and what measures shall be taken to maintain peace (i.e. Follow the Guidance of Almighty). And in the final paragraphs, the writer has connected his writeup with the current situation reminding the reader of his duties, which provokes the reader to ponder upon his responsibilities.

To put it up in few words, this article is capable of clearing many doubts which rise in young minds. It is an advocate of the Muslim community.

I sincerely thank Radiance Weekly for this issue in particular. The whole issue is a proponent on behalf of the Muslim community before the whole world.


Tamil Nadu

Equal Rights

This refers to the news item published in the media under the heading “Villagers rescue infant girl floating in plastic tub in Ganga” which highlights gender bias and inequality against the female child.

Every new-born child has the right to live and every girl child deserves to get equal status. But gender inequality is reflected at home and communities in most cases, resulting in girls getting less care, support and opportunities.

As a result, freedom of girls is restricted, and their ability to move freely is also limited. Girls are also deprived of equal educational facilities as enjoyed by boys. Moreover, their ability to decide on social relationships and marriage is restricted.

A nation never develops unless boys and girls are given equal rights, support and care. And parents should change their mindset so as NOT to discriminate between a male child and a female child.

B. Bhattacharjee

Bhadreshwar, Gujarat

Stalin Warns Centre against ‘Brutal Hindi Imposition’

It was reported that Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu accused the BJP government of trying to bring in a system of one language, one religion, one food and one culture in the guise of a one nation concept to destroy the prevailing fraternal feelings and sense of brotherhood among people speaking different languages following different faiths and different cultures.

Stalin flayed the recommendations of the parliamentary committee headed by Union Home Minister, Amit Shah to make common language when each of the 22 languages listed under Schedule Eight of the Constitution enjoyed equal rights and popular demand was to include more languages in the schedule. He warned the Union Government led by Narendra Modi, against testing the Tamilians’ love for their language once again. Uphold India’s unity, don’t force another language war by imposing Hindi.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed

Ambur (Tamil Nadu)

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