The Kashmir Files

I invite your kind attention to a letter published under the heading “Reality of The Kashmir Files Exposed at IFFI” by Mr. Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed (Tamil Nadu) vide issue of Radiance of 17 December 2022.

Mr. Nadav Lapid, a Jew himself, has opined that the film The Kashmir Files is a vulgar propaganda. This has not gone down well with the rightists. Can’t a jury express his neutral opinion? Is India a democracy or dictatorship? The Kashmir Files row has once again proved that one should speak and write what pleases the regime.

Mr. Naor Gilon, Israeli Ambassador to India, has appealed for an apology that is uncalled for and condemnable. His statement shows his Govt.’s sympathy towards Kashmiri Hindus. He has unnecessarily brought politics into purely non-political matters.

Mr. Lapid does not need to tender an apology as his learned, impartial, candid opinion has not damaged India-Israel bilateral relationship.

Congrats to Mr. Nadav Lapid for calling a spade a spade.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bawani

Rajkot, Gujarat, India

Alcoholic Tragedy in Dry Bihar

It’s very shocking and sad news about the tragic death of about 80 people, after consuming toxic liquor in dry Bihar State, recently. As per the news reports, some were undergoing treatment in hospitals, some lost their eyesight and many were battling for their lives. The opposition BJP has complained that a “complete failure of the liquor prohibition in Bihar”. In this connection, the police has so far detained 30 people.

Hence, in Islam, all intoxicating substances such as wine, drugs and beer, etc. are forbidden and unlawful; even the consumption of a little quantity that doesn’t produce the intoxicating effect is also strictly prohibited. It has negative impacts on the behaviour and faculties on human beings. Alcohol makes people do criminal activities. So, the concerned authorities should take strict action against such

criminals, otherwise such a tragedy will occur frequently.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed

Noorullah pet, Ambur (T.N.)


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi should have clarified what he meant by short cut politics. Perhaps it was the freebies promised by other parties. It is strange that the PM feels that concessions given to the poor will ruin the country when lakhs of crores owed by the business community won’t.

The issue of getting black money back from safe havens was used to target the previous government. Is anything happening on that front?

The PM also needs to be reminded that toppling duly elected state governments by hook or crook is a shortcut to power which his party has indulged in on many occasions when it would have been better to wait until the next elections.

It has become common to activate Operation Lotus whenever the BJP loses state elections.

Anthony Henriques

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Who Wants That? Perhaps Lunatics!

The League of Nations was established after World War-I to end war but the organisation failed miserably. The UNO was established after World War-II in order to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war; it is only partially successful. Big powers in most cases care a fig for the UNO.

The organisation is successful in sending humanitarian aid to regions affected by floods, drought, war, etc. but as far as stopping any major conflict is concerned, its record is really dismal.

The nuke-powered nations will likely not take resort to their nuclear arsenal in a conflict because they know they will also be wiped out. Who wants that? Perhaps lunatics only.

Bubul Sanyal

Malda, West Bengal

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