World must Help Sri Lankans

Events in Sri Lanka are moving at rapid pace, plunging the country into spiralling crises. President has stepped down. Gotabaya’s resignation was the main demand of the protesters. However his exist only marks the end of one phase. The political and economic crises there have reached its crescendo. The economic mismanagement has brought Sri Lanka to a sorry pass. Sri Lanka has fallen into the debt trap of China. A truly inclusive national government that draws on all parties as well as civil society activists and leaders is what the country needs politically. But even this can solve the problem is unclear. It is important that the world’s rich nations step in with unconditional food and other supports. The Sri Lankan military is watching, perhaps waiting for its time. That must be averted.

Nazeer Ahmed Kazi

Prof Secab, Vijaypur, Karnataka

A Welcome Judgement By Madurai High Court

The Madurai high court has recently granted anticipatory bail to seven Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) functionaries in connection with their participation in protests against Karnataka High verdict on hijab ban. On March 17, TNTJ members staged a protest near Gori Palayam Mosque in Madurai district. The committee member Rahmathullah had reportedly made remarks in a manner threatening the judges.

After the apology and undertaking affidavit filed by the accused, the judge granted them anticipatory bail on condition that they should not leave their respective cities and should report before the police station concerned daily until further orders.

Justice K. Murali Shankar observed that judgements are open to criticism as everyone can express his view, opinion, comments. He also made it clear that it must be within the limits of reasonable courtesy and in good faith.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed,

Noorullah Pet, Ambur (T.N.)

Stern Action

The Union environment ministry’s proposed dilution of the imprisonment provision for simple violations of pollution laws will only embolden the violators to pollute our waters and climate with impunity. Our rivers have been polluted dangerously.

In Punjab, the Ludhiana industry and untreated municipal sewerage has turned the Sutlej, which once had clear water, into a poisonous nullah whose contaminated water is not only used for irrigation but also for drinking in Rajasthan.

Many districts in the Malwa belt of Punjab are in the grip of diseases like cancer and now in a number of villages children are born with mental inadequacies and deformities.

Shockingly, a train which leaves Bathinda to Bikaner everyday has 60 per cent of its passengers as cancer patients of all ages who come from all over Punjab.

We cannot afford to weaken our laws, the polluters should be dealt with even more sternly as they play with human lives.

B.B. Goyal

Ludhiana, Punjab

Hats off to DMK M.P. for Doing a Great Secular Job

The DMK Member of Parliament, Mr. S. Santhil Kumar has blamed PWD officials for performing Hindu rituals (Bhoomi Puja) at a government event. Mr. Kumar is an M.P. from Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu; he was the chief guest to inaugurate the renovation work of the Alapuram lake in the district recently. He saw a Hindu priest performing puja. He immediately asked officials why a Hindu priest alone was invited; officials should have invited a Muslim Imam and a Church Priest also to perform rituals as per their religions. An atheist must also be invited.

The M.P. said, “The DMK government is a government based on the Dravidian model and Mr. Stalin, CM will not entertain performance of rituals related to one particular religion. The officials too apologised for Hindu rituals alone in a government event.

Chowdhry Nisar Ahmed,

Noorullah Pet, Ambur (T.N.) 

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