By Sikandar Azam

Human life is sacred and sacrosanct. It must be honoured; for, it is the Lord Almighty Who has given life to us. No human being has any right to take it save and except in a highly serious case decided by a court of law. Despite this acknowledged social ethic, some people fail to keep their poise and in the spur of the moment or even in a well-planned manner take the extreme step of taking the life of a person. The recent gruesome killings of Shraddha Walkar in NCR Delhi and of Aradhana Prajapati in Azamgarh district of UP and cutting their bodies to pieces by the perpetrators of the crimes have brought the issue of domestic violence once again to the fore.

But on deeper study of such cases, we come to know that these killings, which are in fact more than mere domestic violence, occur only because people fail rather refuse to follow the commandments laid down by the Lord Creator. It is not that God created us and left us to lead our life as per our whims and caprices. No. He created us and also gave us a complete code of life to be followed in every sphere of life. If we obey Him and follow His commands, we would enjoy peace and poise in life. If not, our life will be a great failure here on earth as well as in the hereafter.

Taking the life of a person is simply inhuman; and when we commit an inhuman act, we are not human. The Qur’ān (5:32) declares the killing of one single person as the killing of entire humanity: “We ordain… that if anyone slays a human being, for anything other than in punishment of murder or for spreading corruption on earth, it shall be as though he had slain all mankind; and that if anyone saves a human life, it shall be as though he had saved all mankind.” No other scripture treats the sanctity of human life with so much emphasis as the Qur’ān has done.

In the same verse, God asserts that people perpetrate all sorts of crimes only because they refuse to obey Him despite the ‘clear evidence of the truth’ brought to them by the Prophets and finally by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: “Our messengers brought them clear evidence of the truth, but despite all this, many of them continue to commit all manner of excesses on earth.”

In the case of Shraddha Walkar, brutal killing is the end of the matter. Prior to the incident, they were living in a setup dubbed ‘live-in relationship’ that is saboteur of the universally acknowledged family system as well as much against the commandments of God. If we want peace to prevail and flourish in our society, we must rescind the provision of ‘live-in relationship’.

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