Anas bin Malik relates that Abū Talha was the richest person among the Ansars in Madinah so far as landed property and the date gardens were concerned. He liked his garden of Bairaha the best of all his properties. It was just in front of the Mosque of the Holy Messenger . The Holy Messenger used to visit this garden and drink its water. When the verse 3:92 was revealed, Abū Talha went to the Holy Messenger and submitted: Messenger of Allah! Allah has sent down to you this verse, and the property I like most is Bairaha. I therefore offer it in charity for the pleasure of Allah, hoping for its recompense from Him. You can dispose it of, as Allah might direct you. The Holy Messenger said: “Well, well, this is a very profitable property; this is a very profitable property. I have heard what you have said and I think you should divide it among your relatives.” Abū Talha said: “So shall I do, Messenger of Allah!” and he divided it among his cousins and relations.

(Bukhari, Muslim)

Cooperation is impossible if men refuse to cooperate with or render service to those who need it. However, that service is only meritorious and efficacious which is rendered in the spirit of self-sacrifice and not for any worldly end but for the sole pleasure of Allah. With this end in view, Islam has laid great emphasis on distribution of wealth among one’s kith and kin, and the human beings at large.

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