“If you are merciful to your fellow beings, Allah will be merciful to you in the Heaven.” (Muslim)

“Whoever alleviates the sufferings of a Muslim, Allah will lighten his gloom.”

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Islam gives utmost importance to service to humanity. It teaches the believers to alleviate the sufferings of fellow beings. This act of caring for others is elevated on par with worship to Allah. If anyone of our fellow beings falls sick or suffers from some ailment, this eventuality throws dual responsibility on our shoulders. One is submission unto the Will of Allah, the Exalted. And the other responsibility is to have a deep sense of service to humanity at large. The sick belong to the strata of society which is depraved, emaciated and utterly helpless, and as such deserve our highest sympathies. They attract our deep sympathies for the prime reason that not only are they incapable of rendering any help to others but are also themselves dependent on and deserving of others’ help. Therefore, it becomes the foremost duty of a Muslim to look after them, and care and nurse them with due compassion.

In another hadīth, the Holy Messenger ﷺ said: There are five rights of a Muslim towards his brother-in-faith, out of which one is that if one were to fall sick, it is incumbent on others to enquire about his welfare and to alleviate his sufferings. This is an act of piety, by doing which one earns the pleasure of Allah.

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