On September 27, an SIO delegation met with the families of Moinul Haque and Shaikh Farid, who were killed by Assam Police in Darrang district, offering them condolence and solidarity.

The organisation also announced that it will sponsor the entire education of Moinul Haque’s three children.

“It will be an honour for us to bear the expenses of the education of all three of the children. We want them to study in their area of interest as much as they want. We requested their family to let us sponsor their education, which was accepted by them. We pray for a better life and prosperity for them and punishment for those who made them suffer,” said Salman Ahmad, SIO National President, who led the delegation.

Moinul Haque is survived by his parents, wife and three children – two sons Moqsidul (13) and Muqaddas Ali (4) and daughter Manzoora Begum (9).

The delegation was visiting Sipajhar area in the district where around 800 families were evicted from their homes by the administration. The delegates spoke with the families, who narrated their ordeal.

“The area where the families are currently living is a flood-prone riverine island with no access by road. They are housed in temporary shelters of tin sheds. They are in dire need of basic facilities such as water, food and medicines. The government should immediately provide them with necessary relief,” said Salman Ahmad.

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