That People may Uphold Justice

Indeed We sent Our Messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance that people may uphold justice…. (57:25)

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Indeed We sent Our Messengers with Clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance that people may uphold justice…. (57:25)

That is the importance and significance of justice, one of the basic objectives of sending of thousands of messengers, sending down of several books, and the final Book, the Holy Qur’ān, to promote, spread and establish justice in all aspects of life, throughout the world for the fulfilment of the higher objectives of mankind. That is why we come across a maxim, “Let justice prevail even if the heaven falls.”

But the sad reality prevailing in the whole world is that justice is becoming the most scarce commodity in the social, economic and political spheres, within the four walls of family, in inter human relations, in the society as a whole and in the international affair. Because of this there is conflict and clash between person and person and nation and nation.

There are frequent wars and continuous tensions and exorbitant expenditure on arms and ammunition. Billions of dollars, which are being wasted in the name of defence preparedness, could have been saved and spent on human welfare and development. The world would have been a better place and a haven of peace. As a result we could have brought down heaven on earth and enjoyed the fruits of living in a heaven of peace and prosperity, before that everlasting abode of peace and tranquillity under the shade of the most Merciful Almighty Allah. We could have become the fulfilment of the prayer of Jesus Christ (Iesa Alaihis Salam) when he prayed, Lord! Let your kingdom come on earth as it is in the heaven.

Let us have a look at our own country India. Having secured freedom from bondage of British Empire in 1947, our Constitutional Assembly in 1949 promulgated our very ideal Constitution. Its Preamble speaks of securing for all Indian citizens Peace, social, economic and political. Unfortunately day by day we are moving farther from the stated objective.

Social relationship is in doldrums, communal forces have poisoned the minds and hearts of a vast section of society. They are shouting from housetops “Goli Maro…” slogans. They have come up to the extent of calling for murder, Kato Maro (cut and kill) and inciting the masses for massacre. However we promote social justice in the atmosphere.

As regards economic justice, the economic disparity is expanding very fast in our society. Oxfam reports and our surveys confirm that the country is for sale and resources of the country are getting concentrated in fewer  and fewer hands. This is severely increasing the resentment of the deprived and poverty-stricken majority of Indians.

Justice has become just a meaningless word for a vast majority of Indians. One shining ray in the otherwise dark cloud is the new Chief Justice of India. We pray for more strength to his struggle to strengthen justice delivery system. This may pave the way for promotion of perfect and comprehensive concept of justice in every aspect of the word.

Respect for human rights, restoration of confidence of people in the rule of law, respect for judiciary, election of sincere and dedicated people is what we require today. Let us join hands to protect the country and our future generations. Freedom and rule of law is in peril. We have to protect it at any cost.