“But when Moses came to them with Our Clear Signs, they said: ‘This is nothing but a magic that has been contrived. We never heard anything like it from our ancestors of yore.’ Moses replied: ‘My Lord knows best who comes with guidance from Him, and also whose end will be the best in the Hereafter. As for the wrong-doers, they shall not prosper’.”

(Al-Qur’ān – 28:36-37)

This refers to the teachings of Prophet Moses (peace be to him) which formed part of his Prophetic Message. The Qur’ān gives details of his teachings in other sūrahs as well. Prophet Moses countered Pharaoh’s accusation of his being a magician and of forging lies, by pointing out that everything about Moses was already known and that it was clear what kind of person God had appointed as His Messenger. And the Ultimate Judgement, in any case, lay with Him. Moses contended that if he was a liar, he would meet an evil end; and if Pharaoh was lying then his end too would be an evil one. One thing, however, was absolutely clear: a wicked person never meets with true success. A person who is not a Messenger of God but who pretends to be so in order to gain material advantages is engulfed in injustice and iniquity and will not meet with true success. Likewise, whoever accuses a true Messenger of God of being a liar, and whoever has recourse to deceptive means to suppress the Truth is also guilty of injustice and iniquity and will never meet with true success.

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